[REVIEW] Santiago de Chile Airport (SCEL) by LatinVFR

Here’s my review of Santiago de Chile Arturo Merino Benítez Airport (SCEL) by LatinVFR.

As usual, there’s a lot of video content on top of the written commentary so that you can make your own opinion if mine doesn’t cut it.

I have to say, the airport improves the default a LOT (that’s not only ugly, but also really, really outdated), so if you’re interested in the area, it’s a good purchase, but it has issues that I hope will be corrected with an update. LatinVFR did great with updating Barcelona and I hope they’ll do the same here.

This review took very long to complete because I spent a ton of time doing research to gauge the accuracy of the reproduction, and to the developer’s credit, finding recent video and photographic sources (and proving that it’s actually recent) of an airport under heavy renovation is hell. That being said, while the parts that are correct are of good quality, almost all of the taxiway markings are outdated and there are other inaccuracies here and there. Again, hopefully, they’ll update it when the situation stabilizes, because the base is solid and the location is really, really scenic (I wish someone made a landmark pack for the city, because it’d be worth it).

Hi, you can find a landmark pack here https://virtualdesign3d.com/

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oooh that’s VERY good to know, thanks :smiley: