Rewind flight

Is there a way to “rewind” a flight? For example, say I just crashed on landing, it would be nice to be able to rewind that landing 30 seconds, a minute etc to be able to retry the landing rather than have to start all over at the closest airport.

I don’t think any flight sim game has this, not sure what the point would be really

Aerofly FS2 has AFAIR.

You can always go into your pilot log, hit “fly again”, then use the “travel to” menu option in flight to skip to approach.

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so after a week of playing, I’ll answer my own question: Yes you can do exactly what I was thinking but it doesn’t exactly work the way I had it in my head and there are some caveats.

As long as you have damage disabled, you can just toggle skew mode and reorient your plane back to the height and distance you want and try again. Since this just moves your plane, not any of its flight characteristics, your mileage may vary but in general I have been able to “retry” a landing. Just put your plane far enough and high enough to give yourself time to recover your speed and control of your aircraft. You also may have to manually reconfigure your ILS stuff if you were doing a guided landing.