REX AccuSeason Advanced Edition: New Version Released Today!

Yes, the update procedure seems not to work within the application. Instead, go to, click “download now”, fill in the required field and get the file. Uninstall previous version before using new one.


I installed the original (not recently updated) advanced version without ‘setting UAC notifications to Never’. Not doing that.

Anyway, it works okay but not sure that I can be bothered to update to the latest version. It works and looks okay so I’ll probably leave it for a bit.

I’m assuming that the “disable UAC” requirement is just so that the automation can take place without user input, as with it set to on, you need to click the OK button for it to actually do its thing, negating the whole automation process.

It works just fine with UAC set to ON, you just get the pop up dialogue requiring a further step in the process.


Thank you for that link, got a new download from there using my key and order #.

Good point. I think you are right.

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Interesting observation and yes, you could well be right.

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Of course it would have been a good idea to state why that step is needed in the first place by Rex, it would have saved the conspiracy theories in people’s minds :grinning:

Evergreens don’t turn orange, you know.

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go to your rex account/products, click add version and select the advanced version.
Delete the old one completely and install version 1012. Took me also a bit to figure out.

Yes, but the lush summer meadows seem a little strange in Autumn?

I didn’t buy from Rex so don’t have a REX account. You don’t need one though. Just your activation code and order # from the reseller and you get the download from Rex. I’m all up to date now.

I take your point

Does anyone know if it covers Scandinavia? Just flew into Oslo and there didn’t seem to be any autumnal trees or fields?

The problem is the default biome regions cannot be split, so there’s a limitation on which vegetation can be displayed at any one time that makes sense across the entire specific region.

Link to MSFS’ source data:

Inexcusable in the year 2023 to make your user base (a) find the update (it’s not in the store I bought it from), (b) uninstall the previous version including manually removing folders, (c) reinstall as a brand new install (not an update). This isn’t 1985. All of this is completely unnecessary. What are they thinking?

Not sure that continuing down this path every update is worth it.


I haven’t even bothered to update to the latest and greatest version. Too much hassle and so little benefit as far as I can see in updating. Just my opinion. The first version of the advanced product which I have works and looks okay so I will leave it be for the moment. Honestly, I have much better things to do than follow a list of pointers in order to update.

I don’t like being negative (as I am being here) but I think this is justified and really think this Rex update process is an absolute farce. This was the sort of stuff you did in 1990/2000 without (admittedly) giving it a second thought but thank goodness nearly all developers now make this a much easier process.

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Why are you complaining about an upgrade you have not attempted?
“Too much hassle and so little benefit as far as I can see in updating.” Initially it was bit of pain because instructions were not clear. Your loss…lol


Because, technologically speaking, it’s the year 2023 and their update process is several decades old. They can do better.

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In your opinion. Most, and I said most and not all, MSFS addons are uninstalled or removed prior to updating. The ones that get upgraded in place are very limited.

The way Advanced was rolled out left a bad taste in my mouth. However, I have to respect their right to protect their intellectual property.

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lol… who has an opposing opinion that the update process for this software is and has been seamless, smooth and simple? Their confusing update process and the mess they’ve created is a fact.