REX AccuSeason Advanced Edition: New Version Released Today!

I will not disagree with those statements at all.

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I am just now trying to fix this by editing the generated biomes file, because tweaking ecoregions is far more complex. I think I found a solution so that Scandinavian and Russian taiga would be included in a change, that is applied to a Southern Sweden and Aland. After edits now I have lost also seasons working in Aland, trying to find where I have messed up. Some file is some wrong place, some path def incorrect… I have also made a suggestion to REX to change this natively, without editing ecoregions.

And not just his opinion either it would seem. There are lots of justified complaints about their antiquated update process despite your protestations and not just on this forum either.

I bought this addon from Just Flight and honestly this is the only addon I have ever bought from them (over many many years and different sims!) which demands this now farcical update process. Times change and move on. We are not still in 1990 or 2000 but 2023.

You talk about protecting Intellectual Property but don’t seem to comprehend that other developers easily achieve this with a far simpler update process and sometimes even with a ‘one button press’ e.g. A2A (Comanche), ORBX, PMDG. I could give you plenty of other examples also despite you claiming that this is extremely rare.

You are entitled to express your opinion. Fair enough. But please be aware that other opinions abound (and ones which might even actually have some validity) which might not necessarily coincide with your own.

I have now had my say and in the interests of keeping the thread polite and respectful I will now move on and refrain from further comment other than to finally say that on this matter, yes, we are not in agreement. Rex can definitely do better.

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Hello all. I own Bijan’s prior 4 seasons product (which, while no longer updated, still works well) and was surprised that, in about nearly 400 posts regarding installation difficulties, I haven’t learned much about how REX AccuSeason really performs. If I have Bijan, is it worth buying? Thanks to all in advance.

In my opinion Bijan’s trees look better than Rex trees but Rex trees has a minimal/negligible performance impact, at least on my system.

Unfortunately, whilst I think Bijan’s trees is still a superior product it has maybe a 5 to 8 fps effect on my system. Not massive I know but a noticeable impact on less powerful/older PC systems especially if you have a lot of addons in your Community Folder or if you use a bunch of other addons like Pilot2Atc, PACX, Axis and Ohs, littlenavmap etc.

I would say that if you are happy with the performance using Bijan’s trees then I would stick with that. But if fps performance is of paramount importance then consider Rex.

If you are seriously considering Rex then you may want to also consider buying directly from Rex too since the future update process from a direct purchase could potentially be a smoother experience than it is from buying from another 3rd party retailer.


Had a few problems with installation but got it sorted out.
Been running it for a while now with no problems and it does what it says it does.

Why am I so lucky when others are not?

Please can anyone try loading into Whistler (area) with the terrain stuff on? Only CTD for me.

I just flew from Squamish over Whistler up to Pemberton - did not crash. No CTD either.

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Same here. I did not have any problems flying in the Whistler area.

I had the earlier version, which changed trees worlwide and it worked extremely well and I was very pleased with it. However since updating to the advanced edition I have experienced nothing but problems. After uninstalling the original advanced edition, I tried the latest version available four days ago and it crashed the Sim on the next flight. Then after restarting the Sim I received spurious messages from within the sim that new content was available to download, but when I tried to open the download manager the page would not open or show any content. As soon as I uninstalled accuseason the Sim started working again.
The updating and registering procedure seems excessively complex. It would help if software companies would use a simple sequential numbering system, so you could keep track of which version you were using.

It’s a great pity as the original program was really very good value, so I hope Rex sorts this out, but I couldn’t currently recommend that anyone buys it.

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Further to my previous post. Today I downloaded the latest version from the REX Axis system. I have only made a brief flight, but everything now seems to be working as it should. No problems with my content manager. So I can recommend this add on, which I feel offers good value for money.


Just got the email about the Advanced update, but the installer doesn’t match the instructions in the PDF.

So… no clue what to do.

@Lift71721 Just uninstall any previous version of Accuseason then install Accuseason Advanced which more than likely is an .msi file. You don’t have to do anything special.

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Wow… pretty clunky update.

FWIW my system showed the update was already installed, as well as two previous versions. Hmmm…

REX knows what products I have - but it’s asking us to “register” the update with sales information?

I purchased directly through them.


I entered all the info they were asking, including a username, which I don’t have, so I just made one up. No idea what that was.

The installation seems to have worked, though. And looks great :slight_smile:

I still think Rex need to work on their update system. After I downloaded what I assumed was their latest update, directly from the REX Axis system, and installed it yesterday, I then received an email from Rex saying that V2 of Accuseason Advanced Edition had now been released. Now my version doesn’t say V2 anywhere, so do I have the latest version or not. I bought it from Just Flight and their system doesn’t show a V2 being available for release either. I’m hoping that if I run the installer in a week or so it will tell me if there is an update. It would help if the installed versions had visible sequential version numbers.

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Sadly, my Juice Goose would have to disagree. I knew there were some floating trees (roots above “ground”) going on in the previous (not Advanced) version… but there are either even MORE tree types doing it now, or it’s just a heck of a lot more noticeable from down here. I think it’s the former to be honest.

I don’t know how it all works but I would have thought setting a vertical negative offset for the types of tree that do this would not be as complicated as sending humans to the moon in the 1960’s, but here we are :frowning:

Also… I updated successfully, but the “advanced” version isn’t listed in my account.

You got that right…the Goose really brings the issue to light. There is no difference between Accuseason…and Advanced. It’s just way more noticeable when you are on the ground and driving through it all.


  • I installed it outside of the sim install folder.
  • Accu-Season is registered and fully functional now. REX had to reset my serial number.
  • I pointed the terrain files to an Addons Linker folder, and they load when I have REX active in a preset. Foliage looks great.

My original challenge (the one that led me to first post in this thread) is also resolved. I can open Quick Start now.

I’m not using the REX weather presets, because I really dislike the abrupt weather changes as I transition from one area to another. I don’t know if they’re working on fixing that, but at this point I’m happy enough with the sim’s Live Weather.

It was a long road, but I feel good about getting through all the issues with help from REX, and of course from all of you.

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Thank you! This worked for me. I am now able to run it, though outside of the Orbx app but that’s fine with me.