REX AccuSeason Advanced Edition: New Version Released Today!

I just updated to the new version and tried to load in fall colors, however the trees all still look green. Are there regional overrides for season colors depending on location? For example even though I have bright orange fall colors selected, will they not appear in Hawaii since it’s tropical. Is this the case?

Even quicker than waiting for a response to a forum post is to just load an airport anywhere else. I wouldn’t expect Hawaii to change colors. If it did, I’d see that as a serious problem. I would guess it doesn’t change tropical areas, but that’s a guess. I know it changes colors all over the US and Europe. Changes them too much really, but it does look nice and I like it.

I loaded an airport in Norway and the trees didn’t change color either. Are they supposed to there?

No clue. To make sure it’s working, load up something in New England. I can tell you for certain a lot changes there. I have seen colored trees in Europe, but I can’t recall going to Norway specifically any time in the near past. I think it’s mostly conifer though… so I would guess there’d be little change there. I did load up a random airport just now and it was fairly green.

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AccuSeason doesn`t work in most of the Nordics for fall colors. It can be fixed, there are actually two solutions but Rex will not fix it for time being. I have been in deep discussions with the support about this. It can be fixed manually, search for my post about this. It requires extra work by editing some XML files manually. I will post if Infix this by a utility app, that is simple and doable.


thanks for swooping in with this important info! Looks like I chose two of the places that Rex doesn’t work apparently.

I would recommend to use the period-based option. Where you can load a preset for a specific given date range (eg. 5-Nov to 11-Nov) That way REX installed the season preset for around the world according to their location with the state of that given period. So location that is currently in autumn will show autumn colours, while the hemisphere that’s currently spring will show spring colours. While tropical area would probably be unchanged, since they don’t experience season changes all year long.

Then just keep it that way. Or you can use the Automation that always install the current preset every day at your given chosen time, and just leave it do its thing with accurate season preset at any day.

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not sure if you’re talking to me, but nope, I like to load in the season that I want to be flying in. Sometimes it’s Christmas in July and other times its with pretty autumn leaves in February

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As someone who’s been living in the southern hemisphere in the last 7 years… This is pretty much the norm here… Lol… :rofl: Having BBQ outside on christmas and a spring halloween.

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The airport textures becoming brown is horrible, this has to be fixed. Ruining sceneries!

I doubt this will ever get fixed because that would involve Asobo changing things. There’s an option in the AccuSeason not to use the terrain masking though.

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Anyone has the same issue when you have Rex Accuseason your content manager gets frozen with the loading sign? I tried all the other addons in my community folder and the culprit was accuseason. Cannot fix it.

Try remove all enhancements, works for me.