Rex global textures

Anyone here ever purchased the Rex Global textures from Rex simulations? Been looking for some reviews but no luck. Wanted to see if it was worth it. Looks like it makes airports, taxiways, gates apron more realistic with oil stains, cracks, and rubber on heavy use runways.

I like the add on textures for exactly the reasons you mention.

Oil stains and cracks and brake marks and just looking used in general.

They even made it so the gate aprons arent looking all the same.
So if you look at the gate next to where you are its different X)

Def recommendable.

Blue skies!

Thanks any CTD issues you have had? I noticed another topic was discussing this. I’m a little afraid to install then running into problems where I have to re install the entire sim to get things like normal again.

I had one ctd after installing SU5 and that was during startup of the sim after I got warning about the Xbox services wasnt reachable.

Other than that not a single ctd.

But yes lots of oddness in general.

Like the co pilot goin nuts in the Cessna 172 with floats constantly repeating I got wheels down desipte I raised it just after take off X)

And my fav KLM jet somehow became pink lol

But hey some bugs were expected :wink:

Hello Avsidestick
I had the same problem. I could not find much information on it what was the best . I was so undecided about it but I wanted something to make it feel more like the real thing and there is not much out there on reviews. However, I bought the REX and I am very happy with it and no regrets about it.
The only thing is, it does not remove those light that are out of place on the taxi ways. It is a good investment for the Sim. (When the Sim works right ) lol

i bought it as well a few weeks ago, i m very pleased with it…you can choose bewteen old and new marks, heavy marked runways or not…you choose when you install it…if one day, you wanna change, you unistall it and install it again with different options…should ne placed in the microsoft defalut community folder…
you will see…it’s very realistic…cracks on taxiways, beautiful signs, and even oil marks…
definitely a must have…for that price, go for it…

LOL I hear you on that. So far one CTD using the FBW A320x.

lol very true when the sim works right. Awesome. Any performance issues since you started using it?

I’m happy to hear this, will definitely give it a go for the price. Any CTD or any performance issues since you decided to use it?

so far none (before the update)…but my sim is still updating…with stupid 5 mbps, il will take another 2 days before it’s ready…■■■■…and then well…will reinstall the global textures and the FBW 320, no liveries for the moment, i will let the sim “breathe”, and i still have to figure out the addons linker…it looks a bit complicated…i will have to find out…i dont know really if it makes a difference, and just do the old way copy paste in the community folder…dont know, may be someone can answer…

Hey guys just purchased Rex global textures today. I fly in and out of MCO. My install went smooth I think the taxiway textures work but for some reason the runway when I took off seems default. No heavy rubber was seen. Is this a bug or something I done wrong? KMCO was one of the airports that came with the premium version. It’s a detail airport maybe that’s why? Any feedback?

Yep same problem here. Installed and everything went of, the REX folder appeared in the Community one but no change in airports texture. Haven’t time to check yet, but probably my problem is that I moved the MSFS folder un the D disk (vie the app manager in Windows). Everything works but when moving files in the community folder I always get error messages about file encription. That may be my problem. But you shouldn’t have it if your sim is on the C disk. I will anyway contact the REX assistance and in case of solution I will post it here.
Please do the same if you are successful.

Thanks I’ll certainly do the same.

REX has released and update of the airport textures after SU5 was relapsed. I am using it and have not had any CTD.