REX Real Global Airport textures - impossible to update

Please help: I bought this in July, was very cumbersome to install but I managed!
When I try to get the update for SU6, after login to Rexaxis, I get into an endless circle, each time ending up on the “buy now” page, where - you guessed it - I have to login again and again.

Must be me, can hardly image that this is normal.
Can somebody help me and give guidance, please??

Just run the actual program. It will detect there is an update, click to download it. Install over the old update. Reinstall the textures. Done

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Thanks. but unfortunately I cannot run the program, it is a directory in the Community folder without .exe file. I guess when I installed it, it downloaded this folder from Rex.
If you have further guidance, I would appreciate it.

You install the program, then the program installs the textures you select into your community folder. So you need to track down where you installed the program, which by default goes to C:\REX Real Global Airport Textures

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Thanks again, it turned out to be missing files on my PC (I did a total Windows reinstall few weeks ago). Rex provided excellent response. I am OK now.

It’s a terrible install process with badly written instructions.
Has absolutely no instructions on updating at all, and is convoluted.
If it has to be that way, at least put the effort in to explain the whole process clearly for both initial install and updates.

Their support is nice enough, but a well-written package in the first place generally obviates the need to reach out to support if you can understand clearly what to do.