REX Weather 2020 lost data when switch to VR

I’m using REX Weather 2020 with newest version.

At desktop condition, I have all the weather correct.
But when I switch to VR, and all weather condition disappear, become clear day.

Any one have the same problem?

Windows 10 20h2 64bit, samsung MR.

I don’t own REX weather so I can’t verify if what I am about to suggest may actually work. However, there is a similar problem with flight plans disappearing when switching to VR. The work-around for that problem, for now, is to disable the “map” on the ingame tool bar, just turn off it’s slider so the button doesn’t show on the toolbar.

That may work for this weather issue as well and possibly worth a shot.

Same problem here, I have to start the injection when VR is on otherwise I lose it when I switch to Vr, must be a bug!