Rex Weather Force 2020 - Review

Hey guys,

I’ll keep this short. Done 2 hours of testing and there’s not much to say.

One Metar station says things like “Mostly clouds” or something… And that makes the majority
of the area “that kind of weather”. Not one sign of cloud layers, it sort of looks like some kinda
actual “placement thing” going on, but so far its been very disappointing.

If somebody can prove me wrong, please do so. Here are the pictures, they speak for themselves.








absolutely not worth it


if that’s what one gets out of it, well…

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It doesn’t stand a chance. Those cloud formations is what doubles the fun with volumetric clouds
for me and thats gone, so (at least in its current state) its clear for me.


I’ll stick to live weather in game, even with some flaws for now.


This is what i said after first day,

that MSFS system is perfect as functionality complex, also with MeteoBlue but they need fix very hard this issues with weather. I’ve closed some years ago support to 3-rd party weather developers because that was not normal, each year need buy new products and same bugs again. Hope for default sim weather will be improved, no other way still…


thx for the review


Indeed I have seen the opposite when comparing vanilla live weather with REX live weather some days ago: you have clear sky in game (with thunders and lightning, uff…) versus a proper cloudy sky with REX. Or rain from clear sky areas with vanilla versus rain only on cloudy sky with REX.

Both solutions have a long path ahead and both need improvements, that´s true. Vanilla system is not bad, but its problem is that it lacks accuracy and that´s why you see those bizarre effects. On the other hand one interesting feature REX has is the weather search and the interactive map they will add.




I recommend be very careful and think twice, not hurry, money in this times are more required. This also developers know :wink:


Very good advice !!

Also, I would advise people to check out as many reviews as possible , before purchasing any add on / DLC .


Before you judge a weather app, you should compare!

EDDP - Live Weather from MSFS

here are my weather data now


EDDP - REX6 Weather Force 2020

What is closer to the LIVE Weather now?
Also about 40km from EDDP, the sky is WITHOUT clouds (REAL)

Fast jeder Flightsimmer ruft seine Daten mit “METAR” zum Starten und Landen ab. Doch das bringt auch im Sim nur etwas, wenn diese Daten auch simuliert werden. Was bringt einem Piloten falsche Wert, wenn dann die Höhe nicht mehr stimmt.

Für Casual-Gamer ist das hier vollkommen ausreichend, denn diese fliegen bestimmt auch nicht mit moddet Flugzeuge!

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read reviews?
why not just blindly believe other users in a forum.
Why not just make your own picture before listening to others!

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Note that METAR doesn’t report regular clouds above 1500m as stated in your screenshot.
Leipzig is actually covered by a cloud layer just now:

METARs are not enough to simulate real cloud coverage. CAVOK doesn’t mean there are no clouds.

Oh and here’s the satellite image of 1420z, the time of your CAVOK METAR:

Who’s correct now?


METAR Report weather conditions important to aviation.
Your METAR shows that quite well by only referring to clouds below 1500m and significant clouds above.
This does not mean there are no clouds at all above 1500m, it just says there are no clouds with significance to aviation.
Then METARs only state visibilty up to 10nm. Everything else is treated the same.
So 11nm and 60nm visibility are the same when relying on METARs.
And the biggest problem with METARs: they only report conditions at the station, not the weather between stations, givng either big gaps or inaccuate weather.

The default weather model has its advantages but as well it shortcomings.

The ideal sim would have both integrated and smooth transitions between both models.

Till this exists, i prefer the inbuilt weather.
I only experience problems over the US. It seems like high altitude winds are missing there most of the time and sometimes all other weather data as well.

But over Europe i get a pretty good, realistic weather with high altitude winds working fine.

So i dont think that the Weather model is the problem with MSFS but simply the data servers reliability needs improvement.


That’s just the question of what is wrong and what is right. According to the second picture, the region where I live is under clouds.

now I get up from the pc for it, mom …
I see a band of clouds, but not in my place.

But since I try to simulate, I always need the correct air pressure values and winds. Some use a community app for this (with extra registration - third party data) and others have bought Rex6 for it.
I have the feeling that everything is badly geamcht here in the forum where MSFS is not in front of it! And yes Rex6 has to patch things!

It’s just a matter of managing expectations. While REX might be correct on the scope that a METAR provides, it is not capable of smooth transitions and visualizing conditions outside of METAR scope.

Everyone can choose what their preferences are, but neither of the solutions is perfect despite marketing might sound that way.

Also i don’t care about your look out of the window if the satellite image clearly shows clouds over EDDP and that’s what we are talking about.


I don’t want to gloss over any program. I’m waiting for patches for REX6 myself, since this program is just as much a building site as MSFS.

I read that MS/Asobo gets data from MetoBlue at METAR. That they feed into their own home grown model to create the weather.

Id like to see an option in the sim that you can select exact METAR weather if your flying say on VATSIM or similar or use the default sim weather that might be more dynamic.

Em , do I respond to this ?

If so , in what way ?

Don’t understand the point your trying to make ?

( Ah , I have just read your follow on posts . You’re a fan boy of that app . I understand now . MY ADVICE STILL STANDS ).

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Patchtime :grin: