Rex Weather Force 2020 - Review

Yep, fixed a lot of things.

I will delete it again. as soon as he updates the weather frame drop below 10fps! if that happens when landing, it doesn’t have to be.

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Hello everyone,

I have the latest update and the frame drop in transition is significant on my machine with a 2070 super 8gb and 32gb of ram. In other words, I wont be using this until its fixed, it is improved, but for somebody who enjoys 49 stable fps at 2K to hit 15-20 fps its a no go for now.


My concern is if Asobo decides to lock out their weather injection what happens to the app? It appears they are “back door’ing” it to work as the SDK provides no weather access. Not very impressed with the weather in MSFS2020 currently but I see potential. So waiting this one out… Visually it looks great most of the time, but seems way over the top and cartoony (lightning & icing). And the actual weather data seems quite laggy when compared to current conditions.

We are looking into the FPS issue.

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We do not believe this will be the case in the way we are approaching this. Since beta we have been able to maintain.

@REXGameStudios GTK. Def a product I have my eye on… Have quite a few REX titles.

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Here’s my short review. This program is a work in progress as shown by the greyed put buttons on the bottom so I think it will evolve and be great, I’ve found the weather snaps instead of slowly blends which sucks. I’ve messed with the settings and think it might be better to have the weather refresh based on how fast your plane is. A slow plane have it refresh less often than a fast jet. One approach I had a sudden snap rainstorm which ruined the approach. This was a one time event before the patch. I have a few flights after and it has worked just fine. The snapping weather was weird though. Cloudy on takeoff, snap clear then on approach snap cloudy. The recent update did fix a few bugs I was having so it’s stable at this point.


Real weather has NEVER worked for me in Alpha or Beta or Release. SO I can now take off and land in close to real weather settings. It adds to the challenge and I would buy this again. I look forward to what this will evolve into as I’ve lost all faith that Asobo can resolve the null real weather In-game

Thank you @REXGameStudios, your product provides a big difference compared to the default weather and look forward to the progress as an owner of all previous products from FSX and P3D.

I know you will fix this because it is clearly bug.

All I can say is that your product depicts correct weather compared to default live weather. Especially true is when it rains. Also, the default weather does not work when starting a second flight unless I restart the sim. I dont have to do that with Rex Weather.

Keep up the good work!

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METAR is still limited by a humans point of view and visibility from the ground perspective. They may get some pilot reports but thats around the aerodrome itself. I highly doubt the meteoblue weather data is incorrect, but rather the way the internal wx engine is interpreting, or perhaps purging some of the data. There is clearly a ton of wx data out there to make the engine use it properly so that METARs actually match. No excuse for it not to do it. It just needs time to get it right. I appreciate REX gives an option, but would prefer to have less external programs running as possible. In P3D I have to run like 5-6 external programs. Think the less we have, the better things off the sim will be. But perhaps its inevitable. Asobo has this incredible WX engine, that depicts some amazing scenes like never before seen in a simulator, but unfortunately is quite hit and miss… For now


Omg default wheather is much better, why spend money for Rex LOOOL
the people is so much funny ahahahahahah

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Live weather work ok for me by last patches, what are you talking about? Don’t blame Asobo if you have pc problems…

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It does not work for me, period. I do not expect perfect representation but when it is overcast and medium rain I do not like to see clear skies and zero clouds, but that is just me.

The default weather also does not pick up if I reset a flight from the same location.

Also, it is not a Disney movie, some cloud appearances look straight out of a love scene when in fact often times they are dull and flat in real life at my location. As somebody who lives close to a major airport there is no excuse for the default weather to actually show completely incorrect weather. I am not talking about a cloud here and there.

So, yes I am happy to have a representative picture of the weather with REX.

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Please let me know if you have fixed the problem with the FPS and the update! But as long as the program remains uninstalled!

Said it before and I’ll say it again: METAR injection is archaic and rudimentary, has significant limitations, and has no dynamic modelling whatsoever.

This is a step back to FSX in its current implementation. It can be made better by taking into account weather transitions from forecast, radar and satellite, and localized weather phenomena from terrain profiles. Otherwise you’re spending money to go back to FSX. But hey if 100% accurate weather for VATSIM is what you’re after, it’s your money.


That may be true but besides being more “pretty” I had better weather in FSX+Rex+AS. The weather, wind, etc. matched very closely and minutes behind real world. I’ll have storms in MSFS2020 when the sky has been clear for hours. And when the weather is modeled it’s usually cartoonish and over the top. Just my opinion, but they need to work on their weather source and injection.


I’ve never seen a topic in the flight sim world with people so militantly against it. I could see that being the case if live weather actually worked correctly for everyone, but in my experience, that has never been the case.

Right now at my local airport, the METAR is KETB 140215Z AUTO 27009KT 10SM CLR A2997 RMK AO2.

In-game with live weather I have winds at 217 at 32 knots. Impossible to fly in. Temp is 7 degrees off, not terrible dewpoint is 10 degrees as always. The skies are clear but the ATIS is telling me visibility is 3, and of course, I get the typical few clouds at 1,100ft, few clouds 4,000ft, few clouds at 11,900ft. And the altimeter is off a by quite a bit.

And it’s actually impossible to know what the actual conditions are. I press B to set my altimeter and it’s different from what ATIS says, ATIS tells me incorrect visibility and cloud coverage. The temp gauge shows something completely different. The only thing I can confirm is the extreme wind speed when I use the external camera and hear the wind blowing. On I have to go all the way up 2000m to get the windspeeds that the game is giving me on the surface.

It is literally impossible to do any sort of flight planning in the game because the only thing I can access is the ATIS which doesn’t seem to reflect what’s going on in the game. And nothing seems to reflect what is actually happening in the real world.

If live weather actually worked I could see all the hate regarding Weather Force, but it flat out doesn’t work. If you like to live in a fantasy world where “live” weather doesn’t actually mean “live”, then more power to you. Currently, I’ve been using the Unreal METAR weather mod, and while not perfect, at least I know I’m getting weather for the most part that has some basis in reality.


Artax, Live weather does not work for me. You make silly assumptions that my computer is somehow not working properly. I have most likely a better system than you and most people in here. Real weather and ATIS has not worked since the beginning. As of tonight after the new patch it’s the same as it’s always been. some random weather and ATIS says I have 3 layers of few clouds. REX has fixed that issue for me and they are much closer than Asobos trash real weather. I have zero faith that Asobo will fix real weather and I can just about guarantee your weather is not working correctly either.

On my pc real weather after 1.9.3 work ok. Im sry if it’s not working on your pc.
If is working for someone, you can’t say it’s not working, try to fix your pc or your connection.
It should work

I am going out on a limb here and say that I am at the top 5 percent of simmers in terms of computer specs. Yes, I have built a new one just last week, yes I managed to get the latest and yes it is crazy fast.

And finally yes, the default weather does not work properly. ATIS says one thing and the reality in sim is different. Weather is completly overcast at the moment and MSFS2020 says it is clear skies and 3 knots winds. Really? Not one cloud in the sim???

Is it possible that there is something wrong with my computer? Sure, this is my 14th rig that I have built in 20 years, I think I know how to configure and set up computers. Never bought a “ready” computer in my life.