Rex Weather Force 2020 - Review

We are working on a solution to this problem. There are a couple of solutions that a few customers have tried to resolve it:

1.) Limit their frame rates within the sim
2.) Turn off Windows Game Mode
3.) Start the simulator before starting Weather Force.

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I am sorry, but you what you are asking for in either Weather Force or the new sim would involves A LOT of processing power, that neither can do at the moment.

Forecast, radar, and satellite are great, but there is one thing lacking - ground truth. The ONLY ground truth is the metar report. Otherwise it is just a forecast.

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thank you for the ultra short TL;DR review.You win the brevity vs value award of the day.
Will stick to BEFORE mode.

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I understand your position and I respect your ability to create a fantastic product. I have been a fan of your work for FSX and P3D for ages. Please understand that when I say I’m not attacking you or your product. I am only inclined to disagree with your statement that the ONLY ground truth is the METAR report, especially because of their inability to report transient weather, and the fact that this is the only input to local terminal weather is the primary reason I will not buy REX Weather Force in its current state of development if that’s the engine’s purpose.

In the screenshot below, although Frankfort is close to the center of that area of precip, the report from half an hour prior doesn’t report any precipitation, and this kind of thing has caused Active Sky in FSX to generate, you guessed it, Ceiling Overcast 10,000, no precipitation:

Similarly, while a METAR reports a snapshot of weather, it can be incredibly outdated by the time the aircraft is actually there. While an ATIS reports a certain altimeter setting, a controller may provide an altimeter setting up to 0.04" different (a personal experience flying GA aircraft in Southern Ontario on a particularly windy day when pressure was dropping rapidly). Or when winds calm down as the sun sets, the wind check on final is usually far calmer than ATIS reports (they update with a SPEC METAR when wind increases, but why would they bother doing it when wind decreases?).

Some convective thunderstorms around Minneapolis, which may affect routing in the vicinity of the terminal area. Once again, METARs do not capture weather to this level of fidelity:

Some weather I found in Northern Australia: once again, no METAR nearby to capture the presence of these isolated thunderstorm cells (which may otherwise provide an interesting challenge enroute):

Then there’s obvious issues:

  • METARs can’t report cirrus clouds, you need weather forecasts to be able to predict that
  • METARs can’t report haze at altitudes, you need weather forecasts to be able to predict that (hell I’m looking out my window at home and seeing a hazy and dull afternoon with the sun barely shining through, yet my local airport METAR is reporting clear skies)
  • METARs can’t give an idea of the type of cloud in a certain layer, approximate size, vertical development, or convection intensity (you need forecast data for that).
  • In certain countries, METARs don’t even report clouds above a certain altitude that’s absurdly low (something like 7000’).
  • METARs can’t provide an idea of an overcast cloud shelf: the type to exist from coastal weather (typically seen when arriving into the Netherlands from over the North Sea) or from a moving front, or even the horizontal movement of stratus clouds I’ve seen so often when flying in Southern Ontario in the fall and spring.
  • Automated METARs can generate erroneous readings if equipment were to fail (happens more often than you’d think), and injecting the weather blindly into the sim creates a false result (example below, find the station with a faulty automatic visibility reporting system):

METARs simply do not provide spatial or temporal fidelity, and if there is no METAR present there’s no weather to provide. However, I do agree that using forecast to inject weather is wrong as well (as we see from Asobo’s implementation as it stands today). A next gen weather engine would require a combination method to:

  1. Use forecast data to determine local weather phenomena and expected weather reports to generate a fluid and continuous picture of global weather
  2. Use real-time weather data (such as METARs, weather stations, radar where available, and satellite where available) in order to adjust forecast data as needed and correct local deviations
  3. Be able to calculate expected temporal change to account for the fact that weather reports are indeed outdated, and are outdated the second they’re issued. This is a matter of fact whether one likes it or not

As for computing power, although it would require a lot of power (and that I agree with), I disagree with it being impossible: These calculations are already being done numerous times a day by supercomputers across the world (which is the most computationally intensive part of determining weather), Meteoblue simply streams the calculated data to local MSFS clients, which then insert the weather accordingly. To then take the forecast model’s output and correct it to match real world data is an afterthought in comparison, and adjusting for satellite and radar input should be a no brainer in comparison.

Man, that was a lot of typing…


That’s great and all if the live weather function actually showed live weather. For me any many others, that is almost never the case.

A lot of typing to basically dismiss the weather function that the flight sim community has been using for decades. Once live weather starts to actually work then we can completely move on from METAR style weather engine. But until then, some people prefer to have weather that reflects reality.

That was the whole point of the message…you can’t just have forecasts input to determine weather, but you can’t have just live weather reports either. Without both, your weather model has massive holes in it.

And if I had to choose between a moderately inaccurate weather model that’s pretty to look at, versus one that’s not pretty (but accurate for online flying for $20), I think I’ll stick with the pretty one that at least gives me deja vu to real world flying.

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Again my PC is fine. I’m not sure where your mental block is at. The real weather in game has never worked for me. And I’ve seen hundreds of posts that weather doesn’t work for them either. Rather than come in here and say my PC is broken just move along.

I just wish they gave us a way to get weather reports for the current weather at our location and where we are going. Right now only relying on the inaccurate ATIS is a huge issue. The ATIS can’t even give me the correct temp or altimeter setting. Flight planning is basically impossible.

I would always use the pretty option but it just needs to be closer to reality. But I haven’t really had issues with Unreal Weather looking ugly. Haven’t tried Weather Force yet though.

@SoloTwo42 This 100%. You can’t get a weather report in the game?! And forget about a winds aloft report. Let’s be honest the weather, at this time, is eye candy. I can’t use real world weather reports because the weather in game seems like it’s from hours/days earlier. One day I hope it works out but I’m sure weather is down on the list of urgent issues.

Humbug said Scrooge

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Looks good? The fact that they have proper winds aloft data is really getting me closer to pulling the trigger.

@ConveyedEarth80 Well dang, now I’m an inch closer to grabbing that credit card. That’s a weather report with a winds aloft report!! And with realistic data! I never get winds above 20’s which makes no sense up high.

MSFS2020 Rex Weatherforce a320neo Part 2 Landing RJAA

Check out my video on youtube under the title above for a full view of Weather Force 2020

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Prior to purchasing just note that metar updates result in universal weather updates, ie if a metar station reports clear skies, it will result in clear skies across the horizon.

If it reports showers, the same will happen until a new metar report comes through. It has its pros and cons I guess, but that’s quite a downside for me.

I have no problem at all with live weather, and a lot of other people too.
I think you have somenting wrong in your pc or your connection, maybe somenting wrong in software too, try to fix that and you will get live weather working!
Good luck!

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It’s like mentally you’re not functioning. It’s ok. You keep thinking it’s our PC’s that are broken. Whatever helps you sleep at night. Real weather is broker in game. Period end of story.


Real wheater works for a lot of people and is tons of times better than Rex. If for you is not working you have problems on your pc. Period end of story.


You sound like a poorly programmed bot shilling for a live weather system that doesn’t work.


Too many trolls and fanboys on here. If you think Rex works buy it. If not Don’t. STOP telling people that their computers are not working because it did not work for you. OR did you ever try Rex at all. Hummm


This artax guy has got to be a 10 yr old. How do we get him out of here. I suppose ignoring him is the best idea.

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