Rex Weather Force - Can I close the app?

If I load Rex weather force then load the weather ,Can I close the Rex app with the weather still being seen in the sim? basically just using Rex to load the weather then closing it after weather loads…

I’ve done that. The weather just stays as it was when you closed the app. Sometimes it kills my FPS so that’s when I close it.

Yeah, I found that rex really kills FPS after a certain time, using live weather with aerosol, I too just stop the injection and restart.
Find the clouds and general weather data fantastic

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If you are having FPS issues, I recommend that you if you are running 4K that you reduce that to see if that improves it.

Thank you for your response. No not running in 4K. It mainly happens during really dense/misty cloud with next to no visibility. As someone earlier said, just stop synthesis and restart it and it tends to be ok for a while. A minor irritation, but no biggy.

My approach into Burlington this morning with light snow. Snow on the ground! :grin:

Thank you for that information. Can you provide your system specs?

Capture2 Capture3

Any good?