REX Weather Force not working after update

Has anyone having this problem after update rex weather force not working the app shows the weather but not in the sim

I used REX yesterday with patch 5 and it was working fine. Anyway it´s supposed to be a technical update today.


it is the new patch that mess it up i saw a few people with same problem in youtube

better bring this up with the developers of Rex then.

I have the same issue… although the weather engine status is completed is never been populated to simulator or even in the first screen

of the application

Yah i use the Orbx version and it updated and worked perfectly… I had the old one before the merge and could never find out how to merge them so i bought it again on the Orbx store… So since then no issues with it.

Id check the website and see if it has any updates. Thats if you dont have the the Orbx app version.