REX Weather Force Out

Can the weather actually pose a risk to the flight now? I feel like all the weather is visual only and does not affect the flight mechanically at all.

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So you’re all saying it Doesn’t!?

I thought as much.

If it’s cold enough, flying through clouds can be extremely dangerous, especially if you have no way to get rid of ice.

What about stuff like downbursts? winds that throw your plane a million miles into the ground? We need this!

Is fog integrated into weather force? For example at EDDM current weather is foggy but with REX it feels like it’s nothing but a clear skies. The default weather engine from game itself is pretty good to be honest for foggy weather.

I read some comments stating that fog is not working with REX, I was wondering if it will be implemented in future updates soon or is there something wrong with my settings? Always using real weather tough not DCWS.

If you inject the weather with REX and it doesn’t change you have to move around the airplane a bit before it actually shows up in game. Kind of annoying, I just slew the plane around a bit for it to show up.

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Thank you, That did help.

So tested today again and I got this. I started in clear skies.

Then injected REX weather. I also waited an additional 5 mins for it to update the live weather. But I can confirm it’s injected. This is not fog… As according to the metar. Will let the game run for some time more, and follow the metar and REX

The default weather engine currently can’t display fog or reduced visibility, you’ll be waiting awhile lol.

Ahh okey, thanks for quick answer, I did expect this to be a limitation of MSFS. Hope they will introduce fog them sometime :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats not true, there is reduced visbility and while there is no real like fog you do see patches of “fog like clouds” which basically give the immersion of fog layers

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There is no way to reduce visibility realistically by changing any settings, and simply putting some low clouds doesn’t properly simulate fog or haze. Personally with live weather I’ve never had any sort of reduction in visibility regardless of what visibility the game is telling me I have. Always unlimited to the horizon. Though I avoid flying in fog with the 152 for obvious reasons.

Update, just did a check at an airport with reported fog, and, we have, well, sort of fog.

KPSK 080855Z AUTO 00000KT M1/4SM FG OVC002 07/07 A3038

Not bad, the sun shouldn’t be quite so bright.

But there is no way to manually make it foggy, even when putting thick overcast on the ground, thus REX can’t implement fog or low visibility.

Same airport with REX.

Not ideal.

You can’t assume there are clouds. In Europe, “CAVOK” simply means that there are no clouds below 5000 feet, and the visibility is at least 10 kilometers. There might be a solid overcast at 6000 feet… or the sky might be perfectly clear. With a CAVOK report there is no way to know.

Likewise with visibility. It might be 10.5 km… or it could be 80 km. Either way, the report would be CAVOK.

This is one problem with using METAR data. The METAR report will give a precise reading for wind direction and velocity, temperature and pressure, but is often completely lacking information about clouds and visibility as long as conditions are VFR.

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Ahh true. I learn something every day :slight_smile:

So is this thing having issues with the latest updates? There doesn’t seem to be a definitive answer. Is it better than Unreal Weather? It seems like it “may” be worth IF it starts have historical weather… I thought that was the promise.

At times it is better than default weather but comes with all the negatives of a solely METAR based weather program. Just note that because of bugs with MSFS all surface winds will be 50% less than reported on the METAR, something the devs are too clueless to understand. There are some other glaring issues like the weather not fully injecting until you move from your starting position which can be annoying. The main difference between it and Unreal weather is winds aloft being included, which is a huge deal-breaker that prevents me from using Unreal. But the implementation with Weather Force is a bit haphazard when they suddenly switch on and off at 2500ft and when you tune into the ATIS you’ll receive weather and wind info from whatever altitude you are at making the currently mostly useless ATIS even worse.

All of its issues are just a byproduct of trying to inject weather into a weather engine that Asobo has no intention of opening to 3rd parties. I’m still not sure it was money well spent or not.

Expect a bunch of shills for REX to come in here and tell you it’s the most perfect piece of software created. If you want an idea of what’s really going on join the REX Discord.

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So, when using Weather Force and I tune in the ASOS for my destination airport, the ASOS is given me the conditions at the altitude I am currently at? Is that why it seems like the ASOS is skewed up?

And it does not work in VR, :slightly_frowning_face:

Sure it does, a fix for that is listed on Discord:

Start VR first (before loading into the flight)
Tab out and start WF

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Thanks, I don´t even have discord :slight_smile:

EDIT: Sorry my friend, I tried and it kind worked but after starting VR even with Tab out I couln´t bring the WF to set the desired weather, WMR din´t let me. I had to leave the VR, going to Windowed mod, set my weather in WF and put fullscreen again and back to VR. Man, a lot of work, sorry.