REX Weather not having smooth weather transitions

I’m doing flights with REX and when ever the weather changes it instantly updates, there no smooth and realistic transitions. For example ill be flying out of an airport with clear sky’s and landing in an airport that’s cloudy, and instead of the weather slowly changing, it just cuts to the next weather so its clear 1 sec and the next its cloudy.

anyone know how to fix this?

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you cant , its part of the way how it works.

Really, Well that was a waste of 20 dollars

thats why you really need to read good reviews first.


I like that METAR is a bit more accurate with REX and I can sync the sim and Pilot2ATC to it. But its transitions are to immersion killing and the weather just is not as dynamic as in game.

On the latest dev video they mentioned that METAR data will be more integrated to the base weather rather that just close to airports. Also there was talks about weather API.

I personally don’t fly in any virtual ATC spaces that would require use of real world METAR so I would settle now for some way for Pilot2ATC to get weather data directly from sim instead of NWS and then hoping it matches sim.

But what would be better is if in sim weather always matched METAR.

So yeah REX was a waste of $20 for me. I’ve lost more on less. But Im still bummed it does not work better.

You can adjust the transition times with Unreal weather and its free

This is the issue I have with these external tools that inject external weather. They’ve very localized. Once you leave a zone, the weather transitions to the new weather from the new zone you’ve entered. Even with the "smooth"transitions in Unreal Weather, it can still be a potentially jarring change.

While localized weather may be closer to real world with these add-ons, the visuals aren’t beyond the local area around you. If you’re in a clear zone, you’ll see clear as far as you can see until you cross into a new zone. That METAR may say clouds. So suddenly, you see clouds appearing everywhere, even with “smooth” transitions. Look behind you where you just were (formerly clear skies), and now it’s all clouds as well as far as you can see. With default weather, if you’re flying in clear conditions but can see a storm forming in the distance either visually or on your weather radar, you know that storm is going to be there when you get there and not magically switch to something else.

The particular experience that turned me off of using Unreal was flying CYGK to CYYZ back about 6 weeks ago. I gave it another try after not having used it in months (since they fixed live weather only on first flight bug). It was a clear, hot late summer day. Beautiful conditions perfectly matching local conditions. But I knew the real world forecast had severe thunderstorms in the forecast for later that afternoon and that storm was about 100 km west of me. I took off and climbed to 8000 ft in the Caravan. Sky was clear as far as I could see in all directions. Nothing on the weather radar. Then suddenly, I crossed that transition zone, and out of nowhere, I was in the middle of a severe thunderstorm without any warning. That was it for me. I removed Unreal and haven’t looked back since.

So really, whether to use internal live weather or an add-on depends on what you want - “realistic” to matching real world conditions but with no long-range visual or radar capability and terribly unrealistic transitions, or realistic looking weather that may not match real world conditions, but otherwise are true to life.

Strange as I have adjusted the transition times in Unreal and I dont have any sudden jumps in weather.

Transition times can be smoothed at the cost of CPU usage. There’s still no way to get around the fact that weather everywhere will change based on the METAR conditions that are being injected.

Again though, these 3rd party weather tools have their place. Hopefully Microsobo get things sorted on their end in the next couple of sim updates to improve weather conditions. If they can pull it off, 3rd party tools will become redundant.