Rift cv1 audio in VR cutting out

ever since the december VR update i have been trying to simply get the audio to work out of the box and for the life of me it wont do it

the VR is an oculus rift CV1 on beta enabled to remove the stencil problem , pc is a ryzen 3600 on an msi b550 mainboard with its default realtek sound chip enabled so nothing amazing but it works 100 per cent of the time in non VR mode and an RTX 3070 using DP for video and audio to the monitor on a decent 60hz 4k lead , outputs are all set to defaults so its audio routes straight down the display port connector to my 40" telly/monitor and comes out the telly speakers … works 100 per cent of the time in 2d without any issues , when i ctrl tab into VR after my flight has loaded i find the engine noise is gone and is instead on a muddled loop of 1 second of noise and 5 seconds of static … no ATC or anything , tabbing back into 2d then requires a full restart as this looping noise is now replacing the menu music and half the time the sim crashes , all this is using windows defaults in the sound mixer and the outputs in oculus settings to feed to the monitor speakers too , this way i can set it to headphone simulation and use the rift speakers for ATC … works brilliantly in 2d of course but VR i just may as well sling the lot

so far ive reinstalled oculus twice with no benefit , flight sim im reluctant to reinstall because of my purchased aircraft plus it is now feckin huge , i tried my old desktop speakers and set the audio to output through its traditional jacks and no improvement there apart from the spitfire through a subwoofer is epic :laughing:

DCS and xplane have no issues at all with this audio switching and dcs i run the same setup using in helmet audio for comms and main monitor speakers for engine noise etc

i hope its a simple fix but all the tweaks i have seen people reporting seem to do nothing for me and my highpoint last week i got 3 VR flights in full in the spitfire in one day without fault … every day since it is this same looping bug

cheers for the help peeps :rofl:

solved it by disabling all audio sources apart from my speakers , it has’nt CTD since but it also means i cannot run headphone simulation audio on the rift headset where i had ATC through that and engine and atmospheric sound out of the main hifi … a bodge and a poor one at that and no doubt down to the way win10 handles audio but at least the main audio is not crashing me now