Rift CV1 Optimum settings not working?

Updated to latest Oculus software (PTC). Trying to get a sharper VR display in FS2020. I tried to adjust the settings in the Oculus Debug to ‘Pixels Per Display …’ to 2, as suggested in some posts. However, when I get in VR mode the image does appear a bit sharper, but the VR image is shaking? All my Oculus apps and games are sharp, clear, and stable (no shaking). Same as Steam VR. Also, Aerofly FS2 is clear, sharp and stable. Really annoying that I cant get this same level of sharpness and stability in FS2020. If I can get this quality level everywhere else, then why not in FS2020? I would probably upgrade to a later VR headset like the HP Reverb G2, but as I am unable to get hold of a RTX3080 GPU there is no point yet.

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I have a CV1 and am very happy with the experience in VR in MSFS.

I’m using the Tray Tool to lock to 17hz and super sample at 1.5.

I fly at mostly High settings with a couple of Ultra settings.

Rendering at 100.

My system is midranged, I.e., I7 6700 3.4ghz, 32gig RAM and an RTX2080ti.

To lock the hz to 18, you need the latest version of the Tray Tool.

Hope this helps.

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What is the ‘Tray Tool’? Does it come from Oculus or where? Thanks

Try here: Oculus TrayTool download v0.86.4.0

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Setup the Oculus Rift in Tray Tool with the settings as above. FS settings Rendering at 100, and most graphics to high, some medium and low. Started FS2020 VR, clear sky, the graphics are much clearer and sharper, BUT, when I turn my head I get a black curved border, only when I move head. Take off the runway and the frame rate is very bad, so jerky its impossible to carry on playing. I have the same CPU and Ram as Cinnamonlnk8010, except I only have a GTX980Ti GPU. I am sure it is the GPU that is letting me down. However, when in monitor or TV mode most of the FS settings are in ultra, and I am getting acceptable frame rates. Why so much difference in performance between normal and VR mode? Bit puzzling? I have wanted to do a upgrade since October 2020, but there is no where in the UK that I can get hold of a retail RTX3*** series GPU, unless I purchase on Ebay at crazy inflated price! Have to totally forget FS in VR, such a shame!

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G’day. I struggled with my previous GPU in VR; GTX 1060 with 6GB. In VR it would sit on 100% the whole time. I was able to fly but my settings were medium and high. My CPU appeared to be coping but the GPU seemed to be maxed out. This is why I went for the 2080ti. Particularly with the 11GB of VRAM, it was better placed to handle the VR load. Now, with the Tray Tool, I can use Ultra and High settings and not max out my VRAM or GPU. I was planning on upgrading my Headset to a G2 but was pleasantly surprised by the performance of the CV1 so I decided to wait. I will probably have to upgrade the computer to use the G2 anyway.

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