Rift S RTX 3090 stuttery mess

I was so pleased with the the performance from SU5 Rift S worked well ASW 30Hz and 1.8PD . Along came the hotfix and it is a mess went back to London my test ground. Wednesday after SU5 was gobsmacked by how well SU5 had improved things. I have spent the last two days post Hotfix trying to figure out what I have done wrong . Going to uninstall and re-install long process and dont hold out much hope , clarity has gone stutters and struggles . What have Asobo done any help anyone else seeing this . At the moment worse than SU4 . The clarity outside the cockpit is awful blurry . I am sure it was not this bad before the Hotfix . VFR in VR is my prime use case . I have used sim since the beta testing days and was the worst I have seen it . Shelving sim till asobo figure out what they have broken .

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Open DevMode Overlay and check if the rendering resolution is really the one you want. For me, even if the slider was at 100%, after both SU5 and hotfix MFSFS would only render at around 80%. I had to set it to 120%, apply, exit to desktop, restart, reset it to 100%, apply.