Right and left brake settings missing T-Flight full kit

Hello, new here and I have a question about the Thrustmaster T- Flight full kit for PC. This is the one where the rudder pedals connect through the joystick. I have managed to get the pedals to work the rudder but when I do to the brake settings in FS there is only the setting for the parking brake. If I go to the keyboard settings I see the option for right and left breaks. The brakes also function in the Thrustmaster control app. Also of note in FS the rudder pedals are not defined separately like I have seen in some posts. All I have are keyboard, mouse and HOTAS One listed.

Thank you!

Hi, for first, i’m french so sorry for my english. I am on xbox and I have the same problem, I bought TFRP rudder pedals and I don’t have any solution for the brakes. I remember it worked once but since then it doesn’t work anymore. If you ave a solution, I’m interested
Bye and thanks

Bind the left toe brake to ‘left brake axis’ and the right toe brake to ‘right brake axis’.

i tried but the toot brakes are not recognized by flight sim

foot* brakes

does windows recognize them? (type joy.cpl in the windows search box and start the app).

I got mine to work, it is a shame there is no documentation on this. I’ll post a screen shoot sometime this weekend

They do not show up by default, you have to search on left and right brakes

You need to fully quit the sim: Xbox button—>highlight FS20–>press Menu—>select quit

Then if you’ve got the Hotas and pedals plugged in boot the sim up.

That should make it see the brakes.

The key is having the sim totally quit (and not in the Quick Resume mode) when you plug in the Hotas to USB.

Hope that helps.

hi guys i’ve find a solution, change your flight model in modern. that actually work