Right click for zoom stops working

New to MSFS and VR. I have a pimax 8k x and a 3080ti, all seems to be working ok performance wise. I have seen several complaints about the in flight menu not working and the Ctrl-0 work around, which works for me, but the problem I have is that as soon as I get the in flight menu working, right mouse click to zoom in to a panel or switch in VR stops functioning for the rest of the flight. I have mostly been flying the TBM and not being able to zoom into the MFD / AP inputs is impossible. So basically I have to choose between being able to actually use the avionics or use ATC, as I can’t do both. Any ideas on a work around? So far I’ve just not opened the in flight menu at all as the ATC isn’t great anyway , but kind of kills the realism not to have any ATC.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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