Right Yaw make left roll? Extra330 LT

As far as I know, right yaw makes right roll. But, it makes opposit in extra330. I have not tested other planes.

I had another problem but if you are using rudder pedals, just change the settings to default- I had to do it yesterday (mine are Thrustmaster) but any way, it could be just for a type of aircrafts. After the update Cessna 172/152 can’t take off from some airports (4020 Ft high KGCC for instance) - even lowering the
Mixture a bit - but Grand Caravan 208 and Beechcraft (single motor). There is a post somewhere talking about setting to Modern (not legacy) is general settings. Good luck

Thank your for your reply. I also have tried both Modern and Legacy. Both are the same. Thank your.

Do you have any more information about your flight conditions? Was it on takeoff or while flying full speed, was there any wind or updraft present? Does it do that consistently or was it a one time occasion? Do you have any flight assistance systems activated?

This happens consistently during thake off, full speed flying all the time in Extra 330 LT.
I have also checked other plan, VL-3 and I found it is ok in VL-3.
I think the problem is only with Extra330.
(I do not use flight assistance systems regarding rudder input.)
Thank you.

Ok, yeah that doesn’t seem right then. Better report it as a bug.

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Just did a quick test with the Extra and I don’t experience any roll due to yaw.

Thank you for your reply and quick test.
I found the roll effect due to yaw with the Extra in MSFS is relatively small than other planes. (That is also strange to me.)
You can apply rudder paddle small amount for a long time then you can find small rolling to opposite direction. You can also compare it to other planes. (I compared it with VL-3.)
In a small airplane rolling effect due to yaw is always coming together. So we need to compensate stick to the opposite direction with the peddle you pushed.

I wonder if you are using flight assistance function. If you are using flight assistance related rudder you can not experience roll effect due to yaw.

No assistance.