River Thames

Does anyone else have the River Thames in London several feet too high so that it submerges all the boats and jetties - and some smaller bridges.


Yes. Me too…

Yes and it’s also in Xplane 11 too, so most likely a mesh problem

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I haven’t flown over the Thames yet, but I had a similar issue with the Colorado River running through the Grand Canyon. Lots of places where the river was sometimes even an few hundred feet higher.

I flew the Icon down there last night after installing the Orb scenery, I also noticed the Thames seems to have a few hills now!

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London needs photogrammetry or something. The UK in general is lacking compared to most major countries.

What possible reason could there be for a French software company to spend less love and care on the UK compared to countries in the EU? Oh, I see… :wink:


Yes, I have also seen this, also after installing the ORBX London scenery. I suspected it may have been a problem with the scenery pack, but upon reflection it seems to be the base data. I had barges, boats, piers and at least one bridge submerged.

Should this be reported as a bug?

Yes, but what about the sim?


Rivers with sloping water running up and down hills near river banks is a common and global problem in the current state of MSFS. Totally not limited to London (unfortunately)…

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It‘s Bing Maps‘ decision which cities get photogrammetry and which don’t. The MSFS developers have no say in this. Paris for instance has no photogrammetry either and doesn‘t look any better than London.


Unless perhaps those discussions with Level D simulator makers, that Jorg Neumann was talking about yield some success.

Then i’d guess that there will be an MS-motivated move to get at least some of the missing airports and surrounding areas up to date. If you’re paying several million dollars for a simulator, you would probably be justified in wanting to see airports like Istanbul modelled. :slight_smile:

I don’t see why we should assume any interest at the MS/asobo people to push the guys at Bing towards updating their maps. It’s not like there is more money to make, only to loose. What would they have to gain by that investment? A few more sales of MSFS? Probably not worth it.

They have said numerous times that they will be updating the maps and have planes taking advantage of the summer weather to collect more data so I guess MS and Bing thinks the investment is worthwhile. They are in competition with Google too and Google have made a lot more progress with 3D in their maps than Bing has, that may also spur them on to keep improving their offering. After all all, if they dont compete, Bing Maps may go the way of Windows Phone and become so irrelevant it ceases to exist entirely.

The strange thing is that I saw someone doing a demo on twitch at launch time and you could see HMS Belfast floating in the Thames - I have it 6 feet under.

Surely it depends whether you think that MS want to concede the whole mapping arena to Google, along with all the services that will be based on it in the future. Bing might be fine telling an autonomous car the direction the road goes in but if you want your drone to deliver to the back door, better go to someone who has 3D data on the house.

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