Part of the Feb 2021 MSFS world update was the latest Nav Data. After updating my MSFS I tested the SR22 & TBM by entering YIVL into the FMC but it is still showing no approaches at YIVL. There is an Air Services Australia RNAV approach to rwy 34 at YIVL. Prior to the Feb update I have noticed several other Australian rural airfields without RNAV approaches, when in reality they do exist. I wonder why, if the Feb patch says AIRAC data is the “latest”, why the approaches are not included?
Actually, the wording says “Latest AIRAC cycle has been integrated and is now available”. Maybe the AIRAC source doesn’t include some of our Aussie rural approaches.

If you have any ideas on this matter, toss in your 2 cents worth below or give it a vote.

I have the same issues, Australia nav data seems to have been an afterthought.
Hopefully they will fix it someday.

Your only hope at this point is using the Navigraph data/add-on. It’s not free but it is accurate. The Navblue data is horribly lacking when you get outside of Europe.

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I shouldn’t have to buy nav data, the Sim is sold with nav data and as such I hope they sort this out.
Otherwise its misleading when sold without the data.

The sim has navdata. The company that provides that data also provides navdata to a number of major commercial operators. This is the company that was selected and partnered with. You are getting exactly what you paid for. Unfortunately NavBlue does not have the extensive coverage that the Jeppeson data has.

I agree you shouldn’t have to spend money to get full coverage but the reality is, you do. I doubt very much they will terminate their agreement with NavBlue so if you want it “sorted”, I gave you an option.

I’ve noticed on a few flights in Australia/New Zealand that often the RNAV waypoints are in the sim and you can see them on the flightplan page and on the cockpit map display but the actual approaches themselves are not available in the FMS. Strahan airport in Tasmania, YSRN, for example - you can flightplan via SRZNC then SRZNI, SRZNF then YSRN but the actual approach is not in the aircraft FMS still. Similarly YIVL RNAV waypoints are available in the sim. I guess you could flight plan via the points and use the chart to fly the approach “manually” by setting the correct altitude at the correct distance. Not ideal but a workaround of sorts. I often have the approach plate on my ipad so I can refer to it as I fly it in the sim.

There are a lot of problems with the navdata provided by Navblue. I reported some problems here in the forum and also tried to contact Navblue directly but they completely ignored.

Most problems are on STAR and IAC charts (missing fixes, wrong altitude constraints, etc).

In my opinion Microsoft should find another provider.