RNAV question w/Flybywire A320

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Quick question on RNAV approach. Prior to some of the latest updates (prior to v7.0 of FBW), when I selected an RNAV approach in the MCDU, It would always show the glideslope in the ADI (the LS button needed to be engaged). However, recently I have not seen the Glideslope for any RNAV approach even with the LS button engaged. Trying to understand if there is a bug here or if we should have never had an actual Glideslope indicator in the ADI to begin with?


It’s not a bug but not implemented feature. The issue is that with custom autopilot it seems RNAV approach mode cannot be activated (or at least I didn’t find a way).

Therefore the decision was to do this when custom LNAV/VNAV is available.

What you can do in the meantime is to use experimental version and fly in NAV with FPA mode active, that you need to estimate yourself.

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When you’re approaching with RNAV, you don’t use the LS button to show the glidepath. Instead, keep it off, so that the PFD can display the V/DEV with the green box. Then you use this VDEV to keep your aircraft on the glidepath down to the runway.

This is my RNAV approach with a visible V/DEV indicator from a few months back. Note that the LS button is off.

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You were not cleared to land!? How was the simulated call with your supervisor? :wink:

Thanks all!