RNP Approach Question

Hey all,

this may be a naive question but I’ll go ahead anyway

so my hometown airport has an RNP approach with the following text “Final apch track (133°) is offset 5.0° south from runway center line. Final apch track intercepts runway center line 1 NM before threshold”.

The RNP for the Northern facing runway takes me straight to the center and i disengage the AP as normal before landing. However the south facing one doesn’t - presumably because it’s offset :). any suggestions what’s the procedure given the instructions above?

what airport and which approach?

Would help to know which airport and approach. You would probably fly it as a normal approach, the aircraft should start lining-up with the centerline automatically 1 nm from threshold when keeping LNAV coupled with AP engaged, depending on the location of the MAPt, is the missed-approach aligned with the approach or the runway? On some approaches the whole procedure isn’t aligned with the runway and becoming visual before MAPt requires a visual turn to align with the runway or go-around straight-ahead if no visual contact.

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