Roads Rendered as Rivers (MMTJ - MMML)

I just got my hands on this gorgeous piece of art (MFS2020) and i came to realize that the airport surrounding areas have some issues for example MMTJ airport and MMML roads around this area, in the cities they are based on have been replaced with rivers, i find it a little funny on the second airport its a litte too much tho… main roads and highways are now rivers ingame… is there a way i can fix it locally or i have to wait for a patch for that?

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Could you post a screenshot of this?

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OF COURSE, HERE IT IS! THIS IS MMML city Mexicali some of the main roads sunk or turned in to rivers hahahaha the highways are tolerablle and kind of funny but main roads in city are a little bit distracting…


Welcome to venice ! :rofl:


This happens in many places - try flying out of HECA (Cairo Egypt) and you’ll see rivers with car traffic on them.

Please file a ticket in Zendesk to report. Thanks!