Rolling cache = big improvement post update 5

I started another thread whereby my GPU, instead of digging in and powering up around airports was actually falling to 30% or 40% which made my FPS drop obviously. The replies and suggestions started me thinking about the rolling cache.

Re-enabling the cache made a big difference. I cleared whatever cache was there, set it to 16gb and re-enabled. Flying into MIami airport, my GPU stayed high and while my frame rate dropped, it wasn’t by much and it wasn’t because my GPU was goofing off.

Asus Laptop
Ryzen 4800HS
Nvidia 1660 Ti

External monitor running at 4k
Game setting reduced 50%
High settings
FPS locked at 36fps

It’s strange that it had any positive effect. If you think about it, if you cleared the cache, and flew into a region you have none of that data on disk, just like someone with no cache at all.

I’m unsure if it makes any difference when moving your view around though.


So many strange occurrences it’s hard to keep up. :smile:

I think it’s the local cache vs re-loading from the cloud that makes the difference. Especially just looking around. Before I could hardly pan left or right. Now it’s like I’d expect it to be. And certainly the smoothness makes it more immersive.

The end result seems to be that my GPU% is staying nice and high when it needs to be digging in.
Wasn’t doing that before

I feel this is the silver lining of bing data being down and the massive reduction in world LoD in general since SU5.

Sorry for my stupidity, but what is the “Rolling Cage”
how do you re-enable it?

Options Menu - General Settings - Data. (A bit down).


I think it was in the TV show Gladiators.