Rolling Cache file causing FPS drop over time - Delete and Rebuild

I have been experiencing FPS drops again on flights over an hour and a half. My FPS went from 45 to 12 pretty quickly when beginning my descent. I cam across this suggestion and it worked.

“The temp fix for the memory leak is as follows. Settings/options. Select data tab. Scroll down to rolling cache. Delete any rolling cache file you have stored. Disable, then re-enable your rolling cache. Set size of rolling cache allocation to 32gb.”

After doing this my FPS went right back up to 40-45 and the sim was smooth again. I was able to complete my flight and land in the PMDG 737-700 with no issues.

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Consider turning rolling cache off completely. I did it months ago and the sim runs fine with no FPS drops over time, even on a lowly 50Mbps internet connection.

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Is 50mps considered lowly for msfs (Xbox x)? Think mine’s 37 minimum, 70 ish max.

Be good to know as where i see slow server (post apocalypse building taking too long to turn to recgnisable) etc) am i sometimes seeing struggling bandwidth my end…

If you have 32GB or more ram consider an 8GB rolling cache on ramdisk, this always cleans itself on PC shutdown. Exclusively in gliders I circle a lot so consider the cache essential but if you’re strictly an A to B in-cockpit flyer then I can’t really see much point in having one at all.

PS. 50Mbps internet is plenty for MSFS, the only time you might need more is zoomed out using multiple monitors while flying at high speed.

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I have a very fast computer built for flight Sim 2020 and I do have gig a bit internet. But I run multi monitors. I did end up turning off the rolling cash and it seems to be a lot more stable now.

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I’ve yet to see one single iota of performance gains with rolling cache. Turn it off.