Rolling cache on Series X

What is the best rolling cache size to keep stuttering at a minimum and to prevent buildings from looking like melted blobs?

If 16-32gb, please support your answer so as to why.

If between 32-128gb, explain why setting it so high would be an advantage.

Thanks in advance, ye fellow simmers.

Use what you feel works best for you as I assume this will, to some extent, be dependent on your internet connection. I have mine off and have been unable to notice any difference. Performance varies day to day/ hour to hour with it on or off for me. I have 200MB connection and use wifi to xbox. Not sure how much this applies to xbox but a previously posted developer post stated

‘All the rolling cache does is put world data into a FIFO cache on disk so that when flying over an area twice, the data isn’t streamed from the internet again. Each http request will first check the presence of the data on disk before reading it from the internet. Data is not changed in any way and is stored on disk in exactly the same format as it is received from the internet. In some situations, the HDD access may be slower than high speed internet access, but for the majority, the cache will reduce and / or prevent terrain streaming lag. In all cases, the rolling cache will reduce the internet data usage and free up bandwidth for other uses when users fly over the same area again. We recommend a rolling cache of at least 8Gb, 32Gb being enough for most use cases. In most cases the sim will stream world data at an average below 10Mbps. The rolling cache does not impact user experience when they fly over new areas however. We have not thoroughly tested the benefits of creating huge caches of hundreds or thousands of gigs but given how the system works, as the cache grows bigger and bigger, it’s benefits should fade out and it will take a lot of time to even fill up the cache.’

Any answers will be based on personal experience unless you get it from the horses mouth.

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Excellent explanation, thanks! This would suffice.

I have mine set much higher than 32gb and it does smoothen things out and loads stuff faster, as I have a few locations which I visit regularly. It helps avoid buildings or terrain looking flat and like melted blobs.

Less stuttering too. But it could be a placebo too… O swear around certain times perhaps and specific days, it’s buttery smooth and at other times, not so much.

Do you think AMD FSR will smoothen things out, maybe give us SX users a 60fps mode?

Cos I’d kill for that…