Rolling cache Setup

Hi fellow pilots,

I am not so certain about the rolling cache.

I’ve seen several advice online about it. On the release I set it 200 GB cause I thought “can’t be a bad thing” because I have the SSD space.

Since the update it was reset to C: and yesterday I switched it back to my old file.

What is the a good size for the cache? Can more be worse? Is there any good guide on it?

Thanks in advance


200 is over kill. It’s just a quick access for downloaded data. Default is 8. I set mine at 10 and that is probably more than needed also. Good maintenance idea to delete and create new every so often.

I would like to know too. It intrigues me … Thank you in advance

You can set it to whatever you want. I would advise you to activate the rolling cache on an Hdd, they are fast enough and its no wear and tear on your ssd. I have it @ 2TB as it saves all the cities i fly, and next time i visit the sim runs much smoother (better LODs)… Nothing to loose here…
Compared to the 2 Petabytes of data on the whole planet 2 Terabyte seems reasonable to me. Sure you never know what is the actual usage, but its 2 TB i don’t miss, so i don’t care… :blue_heart:
PS: When creating the cache i would limit the frames to 20 in the nvidia panel before you start the sim for that creation. Otherwise your GPU runs for a few hours with 100%. With 20 fps its smooth…

A HDD in 2021? No way.

I run windows and the sim on ssd, sure. But for Data storage HDD are much cheaper in volume… :blue_heart:

Maybe cheaper, but lifetime is no factor with this amount of data.

What’s an HDD? :slight_smile: Is that like a pay phone or a set of encyclopedias? I heard these were popular once. :smiley:

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