Rolling Cache SU5

I know this has been discussed before however it seems like after SU5 the rolling cache is off by default, should I turn it on and if so what size should it be set to? Will this help minimize “pop in” scenery?

It can help with pop in, in certain situations. What it does, is cache new areas as you fly into them. Then, if you ever fly into that area again the scenery can load from the cache, instead of the internet.

One caveat with Rolling Cache, sometimes it’s good to delete your cache. For example, Asobo might get new data for an area (maybe in a world update) that’s better than what’s in your cache. Or, perhaps there were network or server issues the first time you flew into an area and the data which was cached was incomplete or had some errors. Clearing the cache will allow you to rebuild that cache under better conditions if necessary.

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