Rolling cache

Good evening could someone explain to me what the rolling cover is for, especially when you have an unlimited connection. Faced with stuttering problems, some recommend deleting or deleting and disabling it Can you enlighten me on this point Thank you

I turned mine off months ago when I was getting CTDs on longer flights and it seemed to stop them. I haven’t bothered turning it back on since long flight CTDs have apparently been fixed and don’t plan to. My SSD is thankful for no longer being thrashed.


Its actually there to prevent the sim continually going to the servers for data. i.e. if you fly an area once (and your cache has enough space) it stores the data on the cache so it can be read directly next time, this no more stutters… however… the first time you fly an area it does need to get it from the internet servers.
I normally fly no more than 3 hours and its never caused me a problem, in fact the exact opposite. What did make a huge difference fir me was switching off the in sim AI data. I only use FSLTL now and their feed and injection into the sim is much better. (on my systems).

If you have it on, and you haven’t deleted it’s contents in a while, that may be part of the issue.

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