[Roman Design] CYYJ Victoria International Airport

I’m getting page not found with the download link you sent with my purchase. Same result from My Account Downloads.

Fixed (regenerated download permissions), sorry about that :slight_smile:


Hats off to you for making these wonderful airports and running a custom website. That’s old school! :sunglasses:
Tested both link and My account. Working fine.


Much appreciated!!

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Just noticed this after reinstalling latest version…bit of a slope

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Well, it has to be somewhere. Terraforming tools are rather crude, and there is a slope there. Can’t go below buildings or they look weird… I tried to make taxiways and aprons level and makes as gentle slopes when taxiing as possible… Can’t win everywhere though… I’ll keep this on my list for a future update if I can do anything better that what it is now…


Re-download the files and tell me how it is. I fixed that terrain there at the close of some slope coming into that whole area, but it should be better overall…

I must say im very impressed with the way you dealt with all of these little isues! its all good now and you can go into the termninal. Thank you for all your hard work! its developers like you that stand above the rest! greatly appreciated…


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Nice little plane :slightly_smiling_face:

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VIP parking too!

CYYJ Victoria International Airport is now available on MSFS Marketplace. Please be aware though that this is the first released version and not the latest update. MSFS QA/Release cycle takes weeks, during which time I can’t submit an update without restarting the cycle, so any updates will appear in the marketplace up to 6 weeks later than on my website, which is why I recommend my website if you want to get updates right away. Of course, nothing beats the convenience of the MSFS Marketplace, and the QA/Release cycle is there for a reason, so use the platform of your choice. Eventually, the Marketplace version will be the same. Just be aware that updates take time to get there.


Now that my CYYJ Victoria is released, I’m once again looking for feedback on what airport to do next. Please let me know if you are aware of other developers working on Canadian airports, what is expected to release soon, what is missing, and cast your vote for what you would like to see next. I Would like to identify airport targets that would be in demand, that are either not done or being worked on by anyone else, or exists in much inferior quality - and definitely not anything that’s already available on MSFS Marketplace. I prefer International/Regional airports that have jetways and can accept at least smaller airliners like 737 or ATR42 etc. Let me know what you think in this topic which I have just updated.

CYWG please!

FSim Studios is working on Winnipeg.

Very nicely done. That’s a 5 from me.
I normally avoid airports with modeled interiors but I think you got it just right. No noticeable performance hits.

Hopefully, if things go well & it does sound like it is official…
" In June 2023, plans were being finalized for the transfer of the Hawaii Mars to the B.C. Aviation Museum".
We’ll be bugging you to add a static Hawaii Mars at the museum :sunglasses:


Thanks. I try to model the interiors with just enough detail that they don’t look empty from the outside, when parked at the gates or taxiing, or just doing a quick tour all around. But not more than that - it doesn’t make sense to make overly complicated modelling that would kill FPS without providing any real benefits. I capture key interior details so it looks true - like general architecture, columns, floor and wall surfaces, screens, colour of the seats etc. - but I don’t try to recreate everything in the smallest details. The same goes for lots of animated people some developers put inside. They just kill performance. I may just place a couple in key areas so you can catch a hint of a movement inside a terminal.


Home sweet home.


Would love to see Norman Wells CYVQ

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CYYJ Victoria International Airport v1.3.0 update is now live. If you downloaded previous version - go to “Mo Orders” → “Downloads” and get the latest one. If you still don’t own CYYJ - what are you waiting for?

New and updated features, compared to the original release version:

  • Separated Victoria Airport Water Aerodrome into separate CAP5 airport (now shows on the map as a seaplane base)
  • Multiple terrain fixes
  • Removed junk photogrammetry
  • Emissive texture fixes (beacons and lights) and improvements on multiple objects
  • Custom jetways with logos, beacons, illuminated gateway markings, headlights, windows and a driver
  • Contact tower markings near the tower
  • Puffin Flight We Love VFT compatibility
  • Multiples model fixes
  • Miscellaneous enhancements

I also submitted this update to the MSFS Marketplace, but it may take weeks until it gets there, replacing the initial release.