[Roman Design] CYYJ Victoria International Airport

Greatly appreciate your hard work sir!! I wish more developers were this attentive…


That’s amazing, isn’t that aircraft the LAST of the Martin Mars bombers???

There is one other, used for parts only- Philippine Mars.

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Just FYI. In the case of the Marketplace, the compatibility fix might not work. Because of a bug on Asobos’ side, the Community add-ons are always loaded after Marketplace add-ons for some reason. I doubt they’ve fixed it lately.

That is done for a reason, it’s done so community addons can add onto a marketplace addon if it was the other way around then it would give a lot of problems and most addons would not work anymore on the PC side.

I hope not, cause the other way around can be true too. Just like in this case where the Marketplace add-on is “more important” than the global community add-on. Also, why give users a Package reorder tool that can’t reorder Marketplace and Community add-ons?

Well, there’s nothing I can do about that… The conflict is minimal though. My radar is a bit larger than yours an covers it, so unless you look very closely, it’s not very noticeable.

Can that tool reorder both Marketplace and Community? I never tried it. If it can, this could solve the conflict.

Been away from the sim for a while. Came back today and discovered this was released - instant purchase (via Marketplace). Great work and thanks for doing Victoria.


An update 1.3.1 is coming soon to the marketplace + XBox…


Anyone able to confirm if this is running well on Xbox? Thanks…

I will be getting a review copy and will be doing a live review stream of it going over every little detail in this airport / scenery, I will also post how it runs here and most likely also post a video on youtube of it on Xbox.


I received a Review Copy from Roman Design for the Xbox and did a quick well long tour around the airport no take off or landing in this video just showing off the Airport and how it holds up on Xbox really quick in 50 minutes. It shows a lot of the details that went into it. There are some minor nitpicking visual things like a floating building here and there a floating man and some trees and such but those you only notice when you go really deep into the airport and are minor visual things which I’m sure he can fix in an upcoming update.

Video links below to Twitch and Youtube

Twitch Twitch

YouTube MSFS Xbox Series X - Quick Tour of CYYJ Victoria International by Roman Design - YouTube

I love how much attention to detail went into this Aiport but I have come to expect that much from Roman Design as he always deliver top quality work. You always seem to amaze me again friend in the top quality work you deliver and all the tiny little details. Very impressed also in how it holds up on Xbox in regards to memory usage. If anyone wonders yes it works great on Xbox Series X. Even after doing the tour with the Drone the panels in my Aicraft still worked which is a huge issue on a lot of addon airports because on most airports when you explore an airport with the drone it either crashes the game or it will shut off your panels until you restart the sim. This airport is memory wise perfectly optimized with so far no issues.

For those still in doubt if they should buy this product, I would say absolutely yes specially if you fly a lot in the Canada area or around seattle which is not far out from this airport.

I give this one a solid 10 and yes a 10 because it runs great on Xbox and it is quality work. If the minor visual things (which you will not notice unless you start to explore around the aiport) are fixed I would even give it a 11 but even if they are not fixed it is definitely a 10 and another great product.

I have to say he doesn’t make many Airports but when he makes one he makes a very beautifull one with lots of details and perfectly optimized memory wise.

Thanks Roman Design for the review copy and thanks for making this airport as good and beautifull as it is.

I will be doing a full longer review with also landing and taking off there this coming weekend on my live stream on Xbox Clubs.


Another little post of appreciation from me as well. I picked this up on xbox the other day (along with Kelowna in the sale), and am thoroughly impressed with the obvious care and attention you’ve put into this.
There’s one particular real v sim comparison shot over at Avsim that is just spot on.

I do have one general question regarding the float dock starting spot though (and I’m scared of showing my ignorance here), but is there a way to stop the plane drifting in the water as you run through start up?
This is by no means related to this CYYJ scenery, but I just wondered if I’m missing something obvious? (probably!:grinning:).


Regarding the floatplane drifting to sea i have seen that issue a lot and not much you can do about it unless you fly the beaver which can drop an anchor that keeps it in place. No idea if there is an anchor key bind for others.


haha! I turned that junk off a long time ago. I call it lagometry and noticed Asobo even started filtering it out in their promos. Fantastic job with this airport though it looks real. I did my first night flight in the Comanche flying into Victoria and wow I was completely blown away how legit real it looked and how BIG it was. Then the sea port and all those assets wow. Had a tanker coming out at night all lit up too was just stunning.


Thanks for the review! Some of the terrain and positioning bugs are just random MSFS quirks that are happening randomly and thus can’t be fixed. But I’m watching for bug reports and if something comes up that I can reproduce and can be fixed, I will fix it in an update. For now, I’m waiting until v1.3.1 gets released at the MSFS Marketplace and will collect data for a while and see if there are reproducible bugs. So it will be a while until the next update unless something critical comes up.

That’s not in my power, all I can do is to set a start position. You could maybe press “Y” so the plane is in “slew mode” and not move anywhere but release it when you are ready. Not sure if that would work with setting up systems etc. while in slew mode…


I haven’t tried it personally, but try turning wind off briefly while you set up your plane. It’s the wind that does it. After you get your plane running, you should be able to set it back to whatever it was before.

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Sounds like a plan! Thanks :+1:

You can also try active pause :wink:

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Actually, even if Beaver can drop an anchor and it’s simulated correctly, the wind would still get you directly downwind of the anchor point very quickly. I have a sailboat, so I know how it works. You’d just swivel around the anchor point with the radius of your rope/chain length (or rather the distance from the point on the surface directly above the anchor). So unless you’re facing wind precisely, it won’t help you much… So turning off the wind seems like a better option…