Ronne Landing challenge issue

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Zendesk marks my ticket as ‘solved’ immediately after raising it (130412 & 130414)

Ronne Landing challenge - Rendering issue on landing strip & Score not updating

Play Landing Challenge - Famous - Ronne

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The leaderboard is not updating - I have obtained 2 high scores and both did not make it to the leaderboard
A little difficult to explain the next issue - The lights on the runway, at a certain distance have a quality issue where they flicker around its area.

Ticket Statuses Explained (Bug Reports)

  • Open: The report is in the queue. A bug report will remain open until it’s updated or marked as solved.
  • Awaiting your reply: Our team contacted you to request more information and is waiting for your reply.
  • Solved: The bug report has been handled—our team has recorded the bug in our internal bug and issue tracker. Please note this does not mean you will see the bug fixed in the next update, but has been recorded and prioritized accordingly.

So solved does not actually mean it has been solved, is that correct?

Yes. That is correct.
It basically means “we are aware/ticket processed” as far as we customers are concerned.

Zendesk is just a customer support tool, it’s fairly configurable from what I understand but it seems that in this case the choice has been one simple classification (“Solved”) to the customer facing side rather than alternatives like “in progress” or “escalated”

If you look at the Dev Updates the various bugs/wishes etc do actually seem to have more classifications internally.

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