Rotary switches and mouse interaction (such as heading) occasionally break

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This occurs occasionally both with and without mods implemented.

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Every now and then, when flying in on VR, and regardless of aircraft, using rotary switches via the mouse results in strange behaviour. For example, the heading may bounce all over the place, incrementing in 100’s of degrees instead of single degrees, baro sometimes will only go in 1 direction and is not able to be adjusted.

I also used to find there was also an issue if you adjusted map zoom (in the C172 GX1000 for example) and the mouse was moved when also adjusting the zoom level with the left mouse button clicked and the scroll wheel engaged, this used to result in the SIM timing out for a few seconds not this seems to be less prevalent now.

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Intermittent unfortunately, but sometimes can be reproduced by selecting the map zoom (right panel) on the C172 GX1000 with the left mouse button and using the scroll wheel to adjust and ‘accidentally’ moving the mouse at the same time. This seems to trigger the main issue of the erratic rotary switches - but not always.

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Not relevant and has occurred on two different hardware builds (11700K + 3080Ti / 13700K + 4090) - Quest 2 with OpenXR + OpenXR Toolkit, Oculus Tray Tools.

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I’ve only been flying VR since SU9 and have experienced this intermittently since then.

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