Route 66 featured flight

I think it would be amazing to have a featured flight of flying down Route 66

Or at least provide a flight plan that we can load. I suppose we can create the Flight Plan ourselves.

Here you go, someone already created a Flight with 5 or 6 legs.

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That would be me, it’s up or down to New Mexico now, working on Arizona, but I’m not getting that one out as quick. Been busy with a few other things. On it’s way soon. Here’s the link. All the other legs can be accessed from here as well.


will you combine them when have completed the map? and what aircraft is this designed for, this is amazing

I’ve done all five legs so far. Been considering doing Route 66 in an RV for a couple of years but as I’m UK based and the wife no longer wishes to fly it’s probably now not going to happen.
I’m using the C172 - there are a lot of waypoints, some very close together and in anything faster would be impossible to fly AND look at the scenery. I use the autopilot which copes very well.
Just waiting for leg 6 - the Cessna is sitting patiently waiting for me to come back to it!

Thanks wix46!
Like Terryladinn says it’s really just for small aircraft C172, 152, XCub etc. I would consider putting it all together, if even possible since it’s one leg at a time I don’t know for sure if flightplans can be combined never tried it.
Another issue would be even if you saved the flight I don’t think you can reload it and still have the waypoints along with the new save, you’d have to start the flight over again. I tried saving and then reloading to complete later and it didn’t work for me. That’s why I put in the tips to plan on flying each leg from start to finish, just imagine how many hours in a small aircraft it would take to complete. I suppose if you were to put it on AP and set up for unlimited fuel, make sure your altitude is high enough it could be done, but just one thing going wrong and all for nothing lol. Besides that you’d miss seeing all the sights!
If anyone has any answers or solutions to anything I’ve said let me know.
Happy flying.

Glad your enjoying the flights Terrylawdinn!
I’m doing the description for Arizona now but have to give it a break till tomorrow. I actually find the description tougher to do then the waypoints themselves.
Would love to do that in an RV don’t think it will ever happen for me either. I’ve been lucky enough to have driven part of it. Maybe one day you can. Sure won’t be cheap if you rent.

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Just a note that the series is now complete all the way from Illinois to California All the legs of the journey are linked to. Thanks


Just remembered - left the C172 parked up in California when I finished the route a few months ago. Parking fees are going to be astronomical - must get out there and move it!

Excellent trip, well recommended.