Router 2.4 or 5 GHz

Hi. I have a dual band router. Does it make any difference if my PC is connected to the 2.4ghz frequency and my Quest 2 is connected to the 5ghz

If you’re flying vr the 5ghz is needed for wireless set up. I think there’s some merit if rest of wireless equipment is on 2.4 ghz and pc on 5ghz.

I moved on to 5ghz when I got into vr and noticed my broadband speed was 3 times as quick compared to 2.4 ghz

In general, 5ghz is best, but if you’re far away from the wireless router or have lots of walls/floors b/w you and the router, 2.4ghz can be better. Just do an internet speed test with both setup on your PC and see what’s faster for you.


Thanks Guys. My router is only 15 feet away in another room and I am the only one using 5GHz. I tried MSFS without the link cable and the quality was awful, but not sure now if I was on 2.4 or 5. Will do a speed test then try again Thanks for your help

Best combination you can do is your pc on cable and the VR set on 5ghz. Otherwise both on 5ghz is always the best option!

That is an excellent argument to use 5 GHz. Traffic collisions and congestion can really hurt bandwidth and ping besides playing havoc with timing.

Why not hardwire, PC > Router? What is your ISP speed? Try this, run a speed test on wireless, then run a speed test cable attached and see which is faster.

My stats:

5Ghz Wi-Fi
14.5Mbps dwnload
10.5Mbps Upload

114.7Mbps dwnload
11.5Mbps Upload

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59.5 Down
18.7 Up
Unfortunately hard wire would not be an option, cable would run across a hallway.

You could try a powerline, I run one into the garden and Ethernet to the pc, on 2.4ghz powerline 50mbps, on 5ghz powerline c180mbps.

Obviously success will be dependent on electrics etc.

Use airlink for vr, quality seems better than virtual desktop

Thanks FT92. Will look into your suggestions