Rtx 2080 8gb or gtx 1080ti 11gb

Hi all, I checked a few benchmarks and 2080 seems to do better specifically for msfs. Note that I will get a second hand pc and I can choose one or the other for the same price (2080 still has 2 years and 1080 1 year of warranty). Gigabyte aorus elite z390, i7 9700k and crucial 4x8gb 3000. Thanks a lot!

2080 is newer and better in every aspect

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That was my initial thinking but I was having second thoughts, thanks!

You wont see much difference in either card tbh they are very evenly matched, the 2080 is ever so slightly better in some games and the 1080Ti is better in others, personally i would simply go with the cheapest card of the two that you could find which would be the 1080Ti, i currently have a 1080Ti and run in 4k without any issues with a fairly decent graphics setting. I am waiting for a newer 3080 to actually be available or one of the big navi’s. Until then i am happy with the good old 1080Ti…its a belting card and no way am wasting money on scalpers on ebay! I will wait this year see what happens.

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Pretty evenly matches cards overall. If you were talking about the 2080Ti, then that would be another story.

The 1080Ti has the advantage of extra VRAM. The 2080 has the advantage of RTX and DLSS, but less VRAM. When it comes to rasterizing performance, they perform pretty evenly for the most part within a few percent of each other in terms of raw fps.

If they’re the same price, I would choose the 2080 because it’s newer and has more features (better future proofing). But really, either one would work fine.

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If you can get your hands on a cheap 2080 get it but the 3060ti is faster but I would imagine that’s a pain to find. The rtx cards have better performance with DX12 and will be essential once the sims moves over.

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If MSFS goes to DX12, will the VRAM or lack there of, be an issue like in P3D? If so, then the 1080ti may be the better bet.

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Good to know, I ended up getting the RTX 2080 because of the warranty, thanks for the input!

Thanks, I did end up with the 2080, will test it soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

I ended up with the RTX 2080, thanks!

I thought about that but decided to get the one with more warranty, thanks!

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