RTX 3060 - Best setting suggestion/discussion in VR

I know that msfs2020 requires a lot and that it is often the PCs with the best hardware that give advice on which graphics setting one should have. Not everyone has invested in the most expensive equipment, but has a medium to good PC.

This thread is only for those with rtx 3060 graphics cards. Let’s find the best graphics settings together.

I fly a lot of big planes over long distances and am looking for clarity in the cockpit. Uses Reverb G2 and has the windows version. Not steam.

Bring it on.
Would like snapshot of your setting in openxr and the game.

Hope that the msfs-team can make the sim also for us that dont have rtx 3090.

I have a RTX 3600TI with a I7-10700K
I run everything on ultra. Res. 1980x1080 render scaling at 125
NO vr.
I hardly fly (f.i.) the FBW a320 but get a minimum of 25 fps in cockpit at busy airports.
Milviz Porter Never below 30, mostly 35-45.

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