RTX 3060 with Reverb G2

I’m totally new to VR with a question. I have a Ryzen 5800X 16GB RAM, ASUS Prime X570-P motherboard, and an RTX 3060 graphics card with 12GB.

I’m considering a Reverb G2 and wondering what to expect in terms of performance and resolution in MSFS?My primary focus for VR is FlightSim and a little sim racing now and then.

Will it be adequate for a decent resolution and frame rate? Will I be able to read cockpit gauges?

I’m also curious how the experience compares to using physical panels and switches such as Saitek and Stream Deck?

Any feedback is appreciated!


I have no clue as to VR but as I understand it as an outsider I don’t think the 3060 is the card for that.

I absolutely torture my 3060 in 3 screen surround full ultra 80% pre and 1.11121x post for 5760x1080 to 1600x1200 and in the worst places I hang out at 21 FPS, in VR that would most likely induce vomit.

EDIT: I have to give props to the Gigabyte 3060 OC 12gb handles 135mhz core and 600mhg memory OC like a champ

Not enough horsepower for a G2 definitely…

I’d be surprised if you couldn’t run a G2 on an RTX 3060 with a decent experience after optimising your settings to suit the visuals you like. I’m running a GTX1080ti (11Gb) 32Gb 3200 RAM, i7 7700k, and have clear cockpit gauges and a smooth ride with the main FPS eaters 70/100 RR in game and OXR respectively.

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It’s very difficult to advise as everyone has different standards when it comes to acceptability. I have a 3090 but if I run the game at native resolution it runs sub 30 fps which is unacceptable. Even when I use 50/200 it runs between 32-45 but the me that is still not good enough and I find myself spending more time tweaking settings than actual flying. Motion reprojection I find not very good with OXR, not anywhere near the level of steamvr but that requires 45fps as opposed to 22.5. So basically with my top end machine I find the performance of Vr has a lot of room for improvement but I live with it as the immersion is incredible. I don’t think I could with a lesser machine.

If you can buy a headset with a no questions asked return policy like from Amazon and give it a go. I had cable issues at the start and returned 5 headsets in total to Amazon and not once did they ask anything.


What are the rest of your (in game) settings? I also have a 1080Ti but with an i9 and I would struggle to run at 70/100. Thanks.

My 3080 delivers garbage in the G2. Stutters and fuzzy images as I look around. I’m baffled that some say they get smooth and clear performance with a much lesser card.
(i7-10700, RTX3080, 32G)

In game settings + 30FPS smooth.

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Thank you very much! I’ll give those a go and see how I get on!
As I say I have the i9 (9900k) so I’ll use your settings as a starting point and see if I can push a few things without messing up the smoothness :blush: Life in VR - always tweaking :rofl:

I hope you have success. In the meantime, and while the ‘eye-candy’ is nowhere near MSFS or X-plane, the very best implementation of VR in a flight sim today remains Flyinside Flight Simulator - no tweaking really necessary, with smooth performance at high FPS, good flight models (although limited stock) - 4 helicopters included and, simple intuitive control bindings/virtual hand controllers. It is still in (slow) development by the master of VR, Dan Church - and his small team, who brought the Bell 47-G2 to MSFS 2020 (Stock in FFS too, if anyone interested)
I head over to that sim when I get frustrated. :wink:

I’m in the same boat. And I tweaked like crazy. It’s decent with GA in medium-built areas now, almost no stutter, but get it to new york and it all goes to hell…

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I have a 3060 but not VR however I suspect lowering settings is all you can really do. And so long as you have decent cooling try a small but (for me) effective +133 ,+133 gpu overclock in Afterburner, it shouldn’t need more than a 1 or 2 % voltage increase. You can adjust the fan curve as well but I find it isn’t needed.

Thx! Yes, a slide show in NYC, and some other areas. Sometimes I wait it out and it flys through the bad area and improves.
Still tweaking things to get it right. Turning off HAGS helped a bit, and tweaking Nvidia settings, but still stutters when looking around moving my head. My Oculus is super smooth, so it can be done, but I fear it’s not us, it’s them. Gonna have to wait I guess…
(i7-10700, 3080)

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