RTX 3070 Settings

Good evening all, my first post so go easy :slightly_smiling_face:
I have the RTX 3070 with Intel core i5 10th gen, 32gb ram.
Just wondered who else has a similar spec and would share their fs2020 setting for higher fps.
I currently get 30-35 with high settings.
I need to tweak this to get the most out of my system but would love to know what you guys are setting.
30-35fps at EGLL may I add…

Doesn’t sound too bad. EGLL is very detailed.

I found this thread helpful. It’s not exactly the same, but I found a nice compromise between quality and performance.

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Hey buddie, thank you so much for the quick reply. Much appreciated.
I’m not an FPS fanatic, but wondered what you guys are happy to settle with?
Iv read that 25-35 is actually the average that we should expected in busy detailed areas…

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Hi @PeakKitten11564

I have the RTX 3090 with all settings in ultra, except some options like trees in high and I’m getting 30fps constant (peaks of 50 on 3440x1440 resolution). Obviously you can think with 3090 you must get more FPS but I don’t mine at all. If I get constant 30fps I’m happy with that. As you say, I’m not FPS fanatic as well, so with the minimum experience in terms of FPS I’m more than done in that aspect.

Obviously I wish the dev team could optimize more and more and get more FPS but time to time.

You guys need to say what resolution you are running, otherwise this thread is useless.


I have seen some videos about people who change some setting inside nvidia panel to get more performance. Don’t know if you have changed already or not

Hey, my first post so thanks for letting me know what needs to be included to get some effective feedback… Much appreciated…

Hey Seykus, that’s very reassuring to know. 30fps runs well for me but I wondered if dropping some setting directly impacting the CPU. I see zero changes in graphics dropping the textures from 150-100 and get a 4-8fps boost…
They do need to optimise this sim tho. Thanks for your input, much appreciated…