RTX 3070 Weather Benchmark Driver 516.40 No Stutters | Huge Performance Gains In The 99%

Did a 2 Hour Jog with the newest drivers in VR, 2K settings on the vive pro 2.

Nvidia really improved the FPS and opimization all around here. SOLID flight and no stutters on landing.

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I just installed them (over the 472.12 which used to work best with MSFS for me so far) and was surprised to see a not so insignificant increase in the 3DMark “Time Spy” Benchmark from 12,080 to 13,630

In MSFS I cannot really confirm a difference, but didn’t have much problems with smoothness lately and stopped looking at FPS as soon as I got the setup limited by GPU. :wink:

always use the Clean Drivers without the extra apps like GeForce experience BTW:

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i always do a clean install on drivers

You misunderstand: it’s not about a clean install, but about drivers that come with out unnessesary baggage like advertising or the GeForce Experience. Don’t think it will make any difference, but it’s still nice not to install anything by accident that I don’t really need.

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