RTX 3080 | Ryzen 7 3700X | Quest 2

Hi everyone!

If you have a 3080, can you possible tell me:

  1. How many FPS are you getting over cities and in countryside in VR, using a medium sized plane like the Cessna 172?
  2. Do you see any stuttering when flying? Do you see a lot of stutters on the sides and under the plane when flying very low?

I just upgraded my card and want to see what kind of FPS others are getting. I play with the Quest 2 set at 1.7, and most sliders up to ULTRA. Speed is fine and it’s smooth but I had hoped for 45-50 FPS even over cities. I’m sure it’s not my 3700x, because I can see it’s not bottlenecking. I can get slightly higher FPS when I turn the quality in the game down, but for me that should run on all max settings

Any feedback would be so great!


I dont have the 3080 and Ryzen 7 3700x but Yeah the Stutters are normal.

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I have a Ryzen 9 5900x and an RTX3080.
In a daher 940 plane, I get about 38-40 frames on the ground and 42 in the sky. ICAO - URKG Airport.

Installing the nvidia driver version 460.89 and installing nvidia vsync - fast, in the settings helped me get rid of stuttering.

Ok, thanks - do you get any stuttering at low altitude?

Everything is pretty smooth. If you lean forward or quickly turn your head, there are micro stutters.

And directly below you and to the side at very low altitude its completely stutter-free and smooth?

Install the driver and configure vsync. You will see the difference.

Is that driver definitely better than the most recent one (461.09)?

Thanks for the pic - I had already changed that setting…will try the driver

VSync is for me (and many other users) broken, does not help with stutters. Tried it several times, has never helped, just reduced fps. Stutters are Ram or CPU related imo. Sorry to state this, but your 3700 sets hard limits as well, due to lack of IPC as written many times here in the forum… :blue_heart:

What is the best CPU for my system if I upgrade?

The most gaming channels on Youtube point you to the 5600x which should now be available in most countries to a slightly increase price, due to the current situation, in my opinion acceptable… 350 bucks, i recommend it up to 1440p, if you go for 4k i would recommend you step up to the 5800x (+100 bucks), don’t know if its worth it…
I am very happy with the fps increase and i have much less stuttes with the 5600x
Or you wait and see what fps improvements the DX12 update brings with it…
Don’t forget that Ram bandwith makes a big difference, too…

Ok thanks. Does it make a difference in VR too?

I wouldn’t tear your hair out and go spending loads of money trying to get rid of those stutters. If you read around this forum there’s people with very high end powerful CPU’s who are experiencing the same stutters everyone else is. Its a common issue.

Just remember its very early days for the sim and VR. Its only been out a month . There’s still a lot of bugs and optimisation that Asobo and Nvidia will need to do to iron out issues.

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Ok, you are right! I will wait and see!! In the meantime I am relaxing in the A5 just south of PNG!


Hey get the Gravel Bush Plane! its free, pretty fast and the Performance in VR is excellent!

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Yes, agreed. I’ve had a very lucky past couple of months and have an RTX 3080, Ryzen 5600x, and 32gb of ram at 3600mhz, and a Reverb G2. And MSFS is still horribly stuttery for me when I move my head around or look down at the ground. And I’ve tried every little thing mentioned in the various threads here.
I know it’s not my machine because I can run DCS and IL-2 very well in VR without the jerkiness I see here. Those are more mature products so I’m hopeful we will see MSFS in a satisfactory state going forward.
(And fwiw my PC runs MSFS like a dream on a 1440p monitor with TrackIR. It’s just bad in VR)


DX12 is currently the only hope for properly smooth MSFS2020. Or use planes that don’t use a monitor.


Yes I love that one!

So for us RTX 3080 users,

  1. Could you please post the exact settings you have in Oculus Menu-Device settings, Oculus Tool Tray Game Settings (including Quest Link) and Debug Tool?
  2. What of these needs to be running before starting VR mode?
  3. Why mouse pointer pops up and follows my view (can’t click it off)?