RTX 3090 or RTX 3080TI? Pair with HP Reverb G2 (VR ONLY)

Which one should I go with? I fly in VR only. I want to have the max performance. Cards are available in my country so no issue for that, Just 3090 is x2 expensive.

The 3090-it has more VRAM.It will hold its price and you’ll be able to sell on if you want to do so later.
If you fly any other sim this will make a difference too.

Card prices are dropping away from the silly pricing. If you can wait it would help you. Especially if rebar becomes active on MSFS then the 3090 will have a large benefit.
There is also the new patch coming on the 27th. The benefits are reputed to be big. Maybe get an opinion from a 3080 user once the patch is active. It may be that 3080 will be more than enough for MSFS.

The GPU pricing is at an all time high. I really would not expect to sell it anywhere near the current pricing. If you buy any GPU right now expect to loose money on resale at a later date.

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Actually i bought RTX 3070 for 650$, and its running too good @4K, But struggle in VR, The 3090 price here is around 3350$, it is fixed since last 7 months, As per the retailer, the other cards pricing is dropping but 3090 is untouching until now. I just want to have the best performance in VR. “They were right, Once you fly in VR, There’s no coming back”

About 3080ti, it is cheaper, but 12gb vram.

If you can afford the 3090 go for it. VR needs the grunt and VRAM. MSFS is still in it’s infancy and the performance is pretty good but once the “better” products start coming out with improved scenery and more detailed complex aircraft, you will need that extra performance that the 3090 can provide.

I have a high end system with a 3090 and the HP G2. I’ve very happy about the current performance in MSFS. I fly with Ultra and High settings and a recent event I flew in saw smooth operation for six hours in VR.

Highly recommended.

Thank you, What fps are you getting? and what about the image quality, is it blurry? I used O2 with 3070 but sold the O2 within a week, It was too blurry for me.

I just upgraded from a rtx 2080ti to a 3080ti oc edition gigabyte… the performance in vr is phenomenal. 99% of stutters have gone. Paired with 64gb ram and i9 11900k

Personally I don’t chase frames. If the experience is smooth I just fly. My system is an I9 10900k (not overclocked), 64gb RAM, RTX3090, installed on an M.2 drive 2gb. I fly on a 4K monitor with rendering set to 100 but everything else maxed out in Ultra, with smooth results. Have been using the 200 rendering in 2D and flying in VR with most settings on High but some settings on Ultra, with smooth results.

Looking forward to what can be achieved from the update at the end of the month.

I think I will go with the RTX 3090 IA, no matter what result the next update will bring, Thank you.

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what mhz rams?

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Depends on your CPU. For intel higher = better, but size even more so. 32GB is looking good from responses I am seeing to a post I made on this.
For AMD get something you can match the infinity fabric to. I just ordered this memory. I can let you know how I got on, and what timings I apply if you wish. I don’t know how good these will be. They are listed as AMD biased, which I am hoping means single rank. The CL timings are the type you get for well binned memory.

3600mhz but it was the 3080ti oc that literally got rid of stutters for me dude.

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Im looking for 64gb rams, 4000mhz but i cannot find it on newegg, so i might go with 3600mhz i guess

In VR I pull about 17GB VRAM over London with sliders all the way to the right on everything. They are making VRAM improvements in SU5 but whether that will push down the 17GB to below 12GB is unknown as of today.

I think there honestly isn’t much difference between the memory bandwidth between both cards, in fact the 3080Ti with an AIB cooler may perform better in some high VRAM usage cases due to not having any VRAM on the back of the card that has no cooling.

Hold on until next week and see the new benchmarks.

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Im running a 3090 (upgraded from a 2080ti). Its the first time in 15 years of Flight sim that throwing money at the performance problem worked out lol. I can maintain pretty much 35fps and higher in most areas and most planes in VR. Your mileage may vary. This is up from the 20-25 previously.

I have had the same experience since the original Microsoft Flight Simulator. Seemed like nothing tweaked or purchased would do much to improve the quality or performance.

NVIDIA 471.41 on the 3090 & the just updated OXR Developer Tools provide the smoothest experience to date with everything on Ultra except buildings on high where I mostly fly. Even better next week I hope - it’s high time for optimisation.

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