RTX 4070 ti upgrade

So what’s awry about that?

I mean something’s awry with the performance @alanrco5287 was seeing. I was getting more than double the FPS that I had gotten on my 3080 when flying using a monitor.

I have also just upgraded from a 3090 to a 4090,
What you have seen is more than likely because of your 60Hz refresh rate on your monitor. Even though it is 4K when you turn frame generation on it automatically caps your fps at 3 below your refresh rate so in your case 57. At that your 4090 would be sitting twiddling it’s thumbs and by increasing the render scaling to 130% you are making your shiny new GPU do it’s job. This is a trick I learned with my 3090. The rule of thumb is stay GPU limited if you can.

With my new Gigabyte Gaming OC 4090 I found the sweet spot is setting the refresh rate on my 55 inch Sony X90K to 100Hz, my fps is locked to 97 with FG on and the flying the PMDG or Fenix with Ultra settings at 97fps is something to behold.

I procrastinated like you wouldn’t believe about getting the 4090 but I am so glad I did. Enjoy a new experience with your new GPU :grinning:


Im on the fence of either getting a 4070 or 4080. Id prefer the 4070 because of the price, but im afraid the 12GB VRAM is just not enugh for MSFS. Im on 3440x1440 resolution right now.
What do you think?

Coming from a STRIX 2080Ti OC which was the beefiest 2080 card back then and this has already 11GB VRAM which is many times at +90%… so im really not sure if the 4070 with 12GB would be enough?
On the other hand, i have a hard time to justify the 4080 price. So much money for “gaming” is, yeah, idk…

I have the 7800X3D btw and i am GPU limited right now in every situation. :grimacing:

Get the 4080 and don’t look back! No regrets. It’s only money - “can’t take it with you” (as my Dad says)


Yeah you can, pop it in the box with you.
I just upgraded to a new pc a month ago, 4080.
Its great. 4090 was an additional £500 i think, couldnt justify that.

I’m on a 3070 and this will likely be the last Nvidia card I buy. I am so sick of their VRAM tactics. You can see they are doing the same with the 4070 and 4070ti.

Just installed my 4070ti tonight, upgraded from 3070. CPU is 5800x3D and 1440p ultrawide. Much improvement for sure, but I wouldn’t call it dramatic or life changing. 40-50 frames on ultra settings, occasionally hit 60 but rarely. Before maybe 30 frames on the 3070. The 4080 would have taken me to where I’d really like, Vsync locked at 60fps, but no universe where I was spending $1200 on a graphics card. Got the 4070ti at Micro Center with free $100 Steam card which I sold to subsidize the cost.


True, but go too crazy on the FS spending and the kids might have you committed for dementia and get power of attorney over your money :smiley:


This! I have the same rig and with DLSS 3.0 at JetStream Designs Paris Orly in Fenix A320 and FS Traffic in 4K I have from 100 to 112 fps. I really love my 4070Ti :heart:


Funny reading this as I came from a 3070 to a 4070ti just last week - difference being I tried a non-Ti 4070 first. Decent gains over the 3070 but I too feel a 4080 would have done better for MSFS. Also running an ultra wide 1440p @75hz but I have a ryzen 7 3700x right now. Always chasing a smoother experience within a reasonable price (which these new RTX cards are not).

I nearly succumbed to the dark side earlier, I had a 4080 FE in my virtual basket… :confounded: Then the voices, “You were my brother Anakin!”

No, more like, “think of the maintenance of your house!”

If the 4070ti had 16gig vram, I’d definitely be tempted.

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I was in the same boat… I really wanted to go for a 4090… but I’m CPU limited (10900K), so I went for a 4070ti (and I suspect I’m still CPU bottlenecked!), i come from a two gen ago that served me for long (2080). Couldn’t be happier coz MSFS is my top game/sim and absolutely wanted to get advantage of the DLSS and Frame Gen (it’s a way different if you don’t get advantage of those…).
Didn’t done many tests yet, but I went from an average of 45-50 fps on the scenery I used for tests (mountains, not much dense) with hi-sets, to 85fps with everything on ULTRA (DLSS on Quality).
So I tested the Frame Gen… I was shocked coz it didn’t changed a thing! Then I’ve figured that the FPS shown in the debug scree it’s the actual frames generated by the game, not the ones presented to the monitor (!) …pfffff… so yeah final result: 170fps.
So I went straight from 45-50fps to 170fps with major quality improvement …for a cost yes… but those two GPUs have the same price of when they were launched (i paid around 800€ for the 2080 and 800€ for the 4070Ti here in Europe).

It would have been the same without DLSS3 and Frame Gen? Absolutely nope, I would have gained only some fair but marginal performances over a two gen old card and probably I would have ended disappointed.

So the Series40 are absolutely worth it if you plan to use those DLSS+FG (here we’re on MS forums… hence I’m happy), it can be skipped if you play other games that haven’t been planned to be upgraded to use it, or “new” games that are already using it out of the box (luckily it looks like that titles are increasing day by day).

Now I also play DCS… and the story is pretty different :slight_smile: …but I’ll tell you in the DCS forum. :wink:


I recently upgraded my graphics card from a 2070S to a 4070 OC. I was sceptical because I am generally main thread limited. (9900KS) However, I am getting better frames and smoother performance using DLSS - balanced. Also I am not seeing the scenery pop in the way I did before. This may be because of the 12 GB vram on the 4070 but not sure. I haven’t tried frame generation yet but will shortly.

Update: Tried with latest Nvidia driver (535.98), DX12, HAGS on, DLSS - balanced, Frame generation on. Worked very well, very smooth performance in VR.

My CPU is RX7800X3D, Resolution 1440p. Changed from 3080 to 4070. The bottleneck imost of the time is the CPU. The 4070 rums substantially cooler than the 3080. It is well priced. Suitable for 1440p. If you want to p,ay 4k then consider 4070ti or above. Depending on price.

DLSS 3 in my case brings a subtainial increase of frame rates but picture becomes very soft which I do not lime at all.

Back when I bought my 4080, I really wanted a 4090 to pair with the i7 12700k. But, I couldn’t find one at Micro Center, Best Buy, etc. At that time, I couldn’t get a 3090ti either! I waited a month, then held out for a few more weeks before I caved/compromised and bought the Gigabyte 4080 Eagle.

It was difficult to pull the trigger due to the 16Gb vram. Coming from a
2070 Super with 8Gb vram, it was a hard decision to buy vs waiting for a 4090 and that sweet, sweet 24Gb😊

I’m getting very good performance running at 2560x1440 but keep a watchful eye on vram. Monitoring it with GPU-Z set to capture peak vram usage, a few times it’s hit 15Gb but I do have most setting cranked way up.

It’s such a bummer that NVIDIA didn’t put 24Gb on the 4080. Manipulating the market… pathetic.


So guys, 3090 or 3090ti, which is the final call? to which one should I upgrade to?

The one that has the most Vram.


I’m still confused. Should i go to the 4 family?

What’s your use case? ie. resolution? VR? graphics settings? performance expectations? other system components?