RTX 4070 ti upgrade

Well, i want to buy a new computer. I just need something that I can avoid stuttering at landing and I can use it on ultra.

At what resolution?

I woul say, 4k, 2k. I don’t min 2k.

Until recently I had a 5800X3D and 4080 and that did just fine in 4K ultra, achieving 60+ FPS (with frame generation) everywhere and no stutters on landing. If buying now, I would get the 7800X3D instead and that would bump FPS up to about 80+ FPS everywhere.

I wouldn’t bother with the 3090/3090Ti as they are similarly priced to the 4080, are power hungry and are about 30% slower. Extra VRAM is about all they have going for them, but 16GB is enough for 4K ultra DX12.


Sounds good to me. I’ll check it out and compare prices on Amazon. Thank you.

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Hi guys, is this a good one? [Gaming PC at Amazon](Amazon.com: Empowered PC Mantis V2 Gamer Desktop - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 TI, Intel 10-Core i9-10900KF Processor, 32GB DDR4 RAM, 512GB NVMe SSD + 2TB HDD, WiFi, Windows 11H - Gaming RGB Computer : Electronics)

That CPU is quite old compared to the rest of the specs and will likely bottleneck performance. My recommendation for a good system at about the same price point is:

CPU: AMD 5800X3D (budget) or 7800X3D. If you must go Intel, choose at least a 12th gen CPU (budget), preferably 13th gen.
Memory: 32GB DDR4 (budget with 5800X3D) or DDR5 of reasonable speed.
SSD: At least 1TB as MSFS with all world updates + a good selection of addons can easily exceed 500GB.
GPU: 4070 Ti as a minimum for 2k, preferably 4080 for 4K.

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Thank you very much for letting me know this. There’s so many options. Just need to double check.

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I just got a 4070ti and I love it. Just curious as I am new to PC…is there a thread where people share there settings? Can’t seem to find it. I have been tinkering around a lot to find the best experience. Quicky found out adjusting your settings on the PC can turn into a game in it self and can take a lot of your time lol

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And if you are coming from a 2080rtx, is the 4070 then worth it?

If you have a powerful enough CPU that you’re not frame-rate limited, the frame generation is awesome for smoothing out the sim.

The base performance is pretty similar, but the frame-doubling (for MSFS) and DLSS 3 (for other games) is really nice on the 40x0 series.

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I have a 3080 that seems to work pretty well but am wondering if there is any improvement with a 4070ti - It would be a bit of an upgrade in VRAM and would use less power. All my research says it would be limited and not worth the money spent and thats how I am leaning right now. Money wise I wouldnt go higher then a 4070ti right now.

You could use frame generatiom and double your FPS… at the cost of using DX12 with its quirks. I would anyway never going back to my 6900XT, this FG thing on my 4080 is just to good :wink:

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Save and get at least a 4080. The 4070ti super may come with 16gb next January. 12gb isn’t enough especially factoring addons.

Question is how much is Nvidia gonna want for those cards - I agree that 16GB would be a huge improvement - but I think Nvidia is going to continue the sky high pricing (which is there prerogative) I will be priced out…I dont think its likely I am going to something of an improvement at the 500 to 600 us dollar price point

This seems logical when you look at how much memory MSFS can use. But in reality, I’m using a 4070Ti with a 13700K CPU on a 4K TV, and it runs smoothly at full resolution. More memory is always better, but the real-world penalty for 12GB RAM vs the 20GB 4090 on the other system in our house is not dramatic in my real-world experience.