RTX 4090 vs RTX 3090 - Comparing DLSS, TAA, all options maxed out, OpenXR @ 200 (5900x, G2)

Hi guys FYI there is a nice video here giving detailed comparison of 3090 and 4090 with a Reverb G2 and 10900k, looking at DLSS, TAA and DX11 vs DX12

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Marks is great.

Marks Channel and VRFLIGHTSIMGUY are the ones VR fans should follow on YouTube. Best ones out there

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Does anyone upgraded from 10900k to 13900k with a 4090 graphic card and can share any improvements?

Yep! Alas, the 4090 discussions are spread all over the place. I’ve done that specific upgrade, and tested the 4090 with the 10900K during the week while I was waiting on the 13900K to ship…

(Plus some elaboration in replies to that post.)

And even posts in this very topic you posted in. :slight_smile:


What settings are you currently using for MSFS if I might ask ?
You have close to the same system that I have (5800X3D instead of a 5900x and 3600MHz RAM) and I’m starting to go nuts from the constant cpu bound in vr. (lot of stuttering)

I would like to use someone else his settings just to see what it does on my system.

Right now I’m using the Ultra VR preset, with OpenXR set to 200%.

Here you can see the results: I'm over with the settings (till the next simulator/driver update, that is...)

Thank you.
Are you using DLSS or TAA ?

DLSS Performance

Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion to go 200 in OpenXR and DLSS Performance. It was the icing on the cake after messing for two days trying to optimize my new build. I can confirm that the performance of the 4090 (Gamer X Trio by MSI) on a Ryzen 7900x, 64GB 5200 DDR5 is a pretty big boost in performance all around, running ULTRA in VR at last. I have also noticed that moving in and out of VR is much more responsive and trouble free with the new system. I have the Buttkicker Plus and Next Level V3 motion platform layered in as well. All working together nicely. I came from a Ryzen 7 and 3080.


Does this mean motion reprojection and ASW are a thing of the past now then? I have 13900k, 4090 build being constructed for me now by PCSpecialist. Hoping it gets to me before Christmas so I can use it during my two weeks off!

Well you can still use Motion RP if you want - it will almost always be locked at 45, and you’ll get 90 FPS.

Of course… you have to try :slight_smile:

Are you using OpenXR Toolkit? If so what are you Foveated rendering settings?

I am guessing you are running Reprojection in in Open XR as well correct?

No I don’t use the toolkit anymore. I found that - on my system, at least - it slightly worsen the performance.

Thanks, I will try without the toolkit and see if it improves.

I also get better performance without OXR toolkit.
But then I cant use Shaking reduction and without it, its unusable for me on G2.
Camera shake disabled in fs.

I can confirm in connection with the 4090. You get it set up in such a way that there are no losses, but it makes no difference whether or not it is loaded. With activated FFR, it tends to ensure that the GPU is not properly challenged. So counterproductive.

I have seen the opposite on my 4090. I only use the OpenXR Toolkit for the FFR with the varjo aero, nothing else (no scaling or other things like color changes, etc). The GPU runs at 100% all the time, so I don’t see any less usage of the GPU in VR by using the OpenXR Toolkit and it doesn’t impact my FPS, but each system is different and of course the other myriad of settings folks use. I am using the default High preset on MSFS for graphics, and the aero headset at maximum resolution. i9 13900k, 4090, 64gb ram.

Dumb question maybe:

People are saying OXR at 200, where is this setting?

Flying VR, 13900KF, 4090, Quest 2, Virtual Desktop

It’s a setting related to WMR (the OpenXR tools add-on software actually that allows for further edits of the base WMR program) for the reverb g2 headsets only, and refers to the resolution scaler so 200%.

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