RTX 4090 vs RTX 3090 - Comparing DLSS, TAA, all options maxed out, OpenXR @ 200 (5900x, G2)

Thanks for the quick answer. ■■■■, there is a big difference, okay 80% of me wants to upgrade now. I still have stutters from time to time specially on the ground wie LOD 150 and Details at 100 and gras trees and buildings set on high. 1.000 feet above NY city watching straight down gives me stutters which you can clearly see or above London.

Don’t get me wrong the 4090 + 10900kf is good and the new gpu helped a lot but I expected more.

Your settings are mindblowing. And everything is really set on high or ultra???

I can’t imagine this but if I will reach that goal with the 13900 … I fly a lot of times low and this seems to be an answer for stutters.

The sim was rendering at 98 fps. The headset’s just refreshing at 90. Same as when my monitor only refreshes at 120Hz even when I get the sim up around 150 fps in rural areas. :slight_smile:

I had a 9900K+4090; the 9900K was severely bottlenecking the 4090
I just upgraded to a 13900K: I gained almost 10 fps and think I can do a bit better with overclocking. Totally worth the upgrade if you have a 4090 imo, not in terms of fps but in terms of smoothness

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You should get more than 10 fps going from a 9900K to a 13900K in CPU-limited areas. My frame rates went up to about 150% of the original FPS going from the 10900K to the 13900K.

Hi I’m thinking upgrading from a 10900 to 13900 I have already a 4090 card. Do you see a big difference in performance? What render scale do you use TAA and open xr development tool?

Only 10 fps more? If this is true I will not upgrade, I would expect to turn up all settings to High and LOD from 150 to maybe 200 or 250 with DLSS on … but with 10 fps more I can’t really change any setting .

I need to re-think this whole upgrade… I guess I stay with the 10900kf … really shocked by your comment. I expect way more

Did you see my posts above? I went from 10900K to 13900K and my frame rates went up to about 140-150% of what I was getting with the 10900K.

I’m regularly seeing s silky smooth 60-70 fps in typical flying with everything set to ultra (except motion blur and bloom, which I don’t like). Low over busy cities like NYC that can drop to around 50. The 10900K was 40 fps in the same situation, dropping to a stuttery 25-28 fps over NYC. On my 10900K/3080 combo, Ultra would have been a laughable slideshow.

If he only saw 10 fps improvement, then he was using settings that weren’t very CPU-limited in the first place.


I saw your post but before I buy in 2 weeks I need to be sure. But I do understand your arguments. Maybe he did something wrong or is flying in 4K on every eye and is not using a G2 with 2k on each eye.

Anyway, I wanted to hear from you that you set most stuff on high, what you did right now. Thank you very much … I will make the move and count the days till I have my money and can order. Your comment really helps me! Thx again man!

It is at absolute max settings, varjo aero at 39 ppd, dlss with dlaa, most settings ultra… You will have even more fps with a G2
But to me the most important is the smoothness. That is what I noticed, fps are not so high but the smoothness is much better
Then again, if you do not have a 4090, you don’t have to upgrade. Your cpu can handle your gpu

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OIC … you have all settings on high and ultra, well that’s cool. I thought you have your old settings and would only gain 10 fps which would be nothing. But everything on ultra and still more FPS is really really good in my eyes.

Thanks for your clarification …. Man I need to switch and upgrade… 2 more weeks

Can you share your render resolution?

Running full resolution (no downscaling), so 3164x3100. Note that I do have DLSS on Quality after testing the various options – it doesn’t blur the instruments as far as I can see on quality. If I just run DLAA I lose a bit of FPS but it remains silky smooth. But to my eye I can’t see a visual difference with DLSS on Quality in the G2, so that’s how I’m running it.

@JayGeeTech Yep, I can now run everything on Ultra except a few lens-related settings I turn off due to visual preference. If I run at my old settings (a mix of high, medium, low, and off, with rendering resolution down to 80%), the FPS increase approaches double what I had on my 10900K/3080 10GB combo. But I’m happy to sacrifice some of the FPS for the best visual quality.


Ohhhh what a beautiful thought setting everything on ultra in VR. I see it the same way, better graphics are more important … if I get 40 fps with everything on ultra instead of 65 it’s totally ok. I’m not a fps chaser if I already have no stutters. And if you fly higher you get more fps automatically.

But where do you set your VR resolution? I only know this VR option in windows VR settings.

I’m already counting down the days till I can order a 13900k , your opinion helped a lot.

Hi guys FYI there is a nice video here giving detailed comparison of 3090 and 4090 with a Reverb G2 and 10900k, looking at DLSS, TAA and DX11 vs DX12

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Marks is great.

Marks Channel and VRFLIGHTSIMGUY are the ones VR fans should follow on YouTube. Best ones out there

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Does anyone upgraded from 10900k to 13900k with a 4090 graphic card and can share any improvements?

Yep! Alas, the 4090 discussions are spread all over the place. I’ve done that specific upgrade, and tested the 4090 with the 10900K during the week while I was waiting on the 13900K to ship…

(Plus some elaboration in replies to that post.)

And even posts in this very topic you posted in. :slight_smile:


What settings are you currently using for MSFS if I might ask ?
You have close to the same system that I have (5800X3D instead of a 5900x and 3600MHz RAM) and I’m starting to go nuts from the constant cpu bound in vr. (lot of stuttering)

I would like to use someone else his settings just to see what it does on my system.

Right now I’m using the Ultra VR preset, with OpenXR set to 200%.

Here you can see the results: I'm over with the settings (till the next simulator/driver update, that is...)

Thank you.
Are you using DLSS or TAA ?