Rtx2080 Super Performance?

Hey guys I just upgraded to an rtx2080 S from rtx2060 because it was slow especially at heavy airports! How does the rtx2080 Super runs this game I’m good with running high settings but again don’t mind ultra if it’s going to run 30FPS or more.

i have a ryzen 2600x, 32gb 3200 ram, rtx 2080, not super, all on ssd.
I get at 1440p, high settings 35-50 fps depending where i am.
Hope this helps

Hey, take a look, it might help.

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I have a I7 8700, 32gb RAM and a 2070 (Black edition so OC’d quite nicely by default) Im getting between 30-40 with a mixture of ultra and high 50/50.

Your question is ‘how long is a piece of string’. If you have already bought the rtx2080S, then you are in a position to find out how will it will run the flight sim FOR YOU, and that will depend on many factors i.e. your preferred screen resolution, your choice of settings, use of live weather, live traffic. Some settings tax the CPU, some the GPU. If your FPS were low at big airports (the load they cause can differ) because your CPU was limiting the frame rates, then a better GPU won’t increase your frame. Remember there is no PC that you can buy today that will allow you to set everything to Ultra, with live weather, traffic, airliner instead of small aircraft. Best choice, buy to suit your budget.


I think @VeryOldPilot says it best. Your FPS will vary based on many things.

I have an EVGA RTX2080 Super FTW and AMD 3800X with G.Skill 3200 CL14 and 1TB NVMe SSD, 1920 x 1080 screen. I have a lot of settings in Ultra and a few in High. I mainly fly the Bonanza in the Houston area and get 40-48 FPS. When I flew in the Grand Canyon, in the Cessna 152, I was getting 70-80 FPS.

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